President Bulgaria: France’s proposal to North Macedonia is the best and fairest

“”The French President’s proposal is the best I’ve ever had, I’m not just talking Bulgaria -They are the fairest. (…) Let’s be clear: we are really making progress for constitutional changes North Macedonia And filling out a Bulgarian document that I have long claimed.It is already accepted that this will happen“.

This was stated by the Bulgarian today president Lumen Radef During his visit to Latvia. He emphasized that this is not about the Bulgarian minority to the west of us, but about the equality of the Bulgarians in Macedonia, and that they deserve it and are required by Copenhagen criteria.

What did France offer us to make Macedonia a member of the EU?

“”For a year we have been fighting tenaciously-both BulgariaRepresentatives of the EU and two interim governments-Raise bilateral issues to EU level and negotiating framework.This is not just a bilateral historical debate Bulgaria When North Macedonia, As displayed. These are issues that are weakening the EU’s foundation. Finally, after much debate, European partners have realized that this is the place to deal with these issues. Our demands have already been addressed in the framework of negotiations as an approach.,” He said.

The head of state BulgariaIt was adopted in 2019 and will be changed in some way. The Council of Ministers with the expertise of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should update the position of the framework with its decision and then send this position reflecting the decision of the President of France as follows. Congress-Approved.according to RadefCurrent approach does not work“::

“”This is not the opposite as it is now, but a way that leads to the inability to make a blockade and decision. The body that drafts this decision is the Council of Ministers, which must approve it.Of course, it needs to be known and should not be guessed.. “”

Radef He emphasized that the condition was to first add Bulgarians to change the Macedonian Constitution and then start negotiations with Skopje’s EU. “”Already a positive approach,” He said.

The president The bilateral protocol has expressed expert opinion on this issue to the Bulgarian parliament and the government. Bulgaria When North Macedonia Defend well BulgariaBenefits because it must be part of the negotiating framework.

“”From now on, all relationships will be built on this protocol. This is the key to a fair solution to the problem. One thing is clear: we definitely don’t have time at this point.president Said.

“I can’t accept the public offering of political nomads and party changes.”

Lumen Radef Responded to BSP leader Kornelia Ninova’s accusations of attacking the government with GERB and DPS.Have you ever seen me beside GERB and DPS? This is ridiculous. GERB policy. Long before the protest took place, my position on GERB’s policy was known.Even before the protest, I robbed my trust.. “

“”I cannot accept the public call of political nomads. People voted in a particular way, and in my opinion calling on the Bulgarian parliament to start this political nomad distorts people’s votes. I hope the party will attract members with their policies rather than going elsewhere.This is my sincere positionpresident Said.

According to him, many important issues will be resolved in the coming days and weeks, and current governments and parliaments cannot escape them.This needs to be clarified before we talk about voting on early voting... “

The president The opinion is that elections are the ultimate and extreme option to reach if the blockade of state institutions continues.

Lumen Radef He also claims that he has not been exempt from responsibility so far, and that all three cabinets appointed by him have addressed the challenges they face.

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