President Emphasizes Importance of Strong Communities in Turbulent Times

Črenšovci – Borut Pahor, speaking at a ceremony on the eve of Prekmurje Reunification Day, emphasized the importance of a strong community for the nation, especially in times of global turmoil.

“There are many things in development today that we cannot influence. said, emphasizing that these were always important, but now even more so.

“Slovenians are a small country and Slovenia is a relatively small country. But we are a nation and we have a sovereign state. This is the most important tool of our security and prosperity.”

“In potentially lethal conditions, fragmented, divided and even divided communities represent a serious threat to the existence and progress of our nation and its citizens. We experienced this during and immediately after World War II.”

“But a close, tolerant and solidarity-bound community has enough room to accommodate differences and diversity, and offers opportunities for the maintenance and development of our country, and this is all the more true in complex circumstances.

“This too, we experienced ourselves when we founded our country and had to defend it,” the president said, strengthening trust and power in the community. I called on everyone to act accordingly.

“We must nurture and strengthen this community so that it becomes a source of hope, confidence, refuge, courage, solidarity and belonging, especially in times of great challenge.” with the motherland.

Although not a bank holiday, Prekmurje reunification day marks the day in 1919 when the easternmost part of the country was reunited with the rest of the country after more than 1,000 years.

While most of the Slovenian population was part of the Habsburg Monarchy, which later became Austrian territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Precumulje was part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Prekmurje became part of the newly established Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in line with the decisions of the Peace Conference after World War I.

The reunification was celebrated on August 17 with a mass rally of over 20,000 people in the town of Bertinch. President Emphasizes Importance of Strong Communities in Turbulent Times

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