President George Berra publishes a book called ‘Eddie – Iswa Zilba Jugul’

President George Vera said Dr. Eddy Fenech Adami, like many others, believes that active participation in politics can improve the quality of life in our country. said.

“Like many others, he believed he could give something to make our country better. It was also a decision that shattered the fate of his family, who had tasted the good and the bad of political life over the years. J.Ilba Ż‘gur’ by author Dione Borg of Beldara Palace.

The President said he understood and appreciated what Dr. Fennek Adami had done. Because he, too, made his own choices, and many times in his long career in politics, he found himself reflecting and asking himself questions about this involvement.

Vera said the time has come to cultivate a true national consciousness, which will encourage, over the years, great sacrifices in an honest way, a great sense of citizenship and a desire to contribute to society. I can express my sincere gratitude to all the people who were there.

Vera said he unfortunately feels he is still far from giving his fair value to the long-standing contributions of Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami and other leaders of our country. of political work. “This is due to the fact that we continue to see them too much according to their partisan beliefs and not at the national level, the level Malta has been working to move forward,” the president said. rice field.

President Vera noted the integrity of all those who hold public office, saying that in the modern democratic system, not only is it necessary to expose wrongdoing, but to deter those who seek to get involved in politics for inappropriate purposes. He said there is a need for stronger, more effective and better management. .

“It’s heartbreaking when people try to question everyone’s integrity or make innuendos that are hard to remove. Unfortunately, this is one of the evil aspects of embracing partisan politics.” It is one of the things that discourages competent people with the right intentions from entering politics.

“In our country we still do not have enough education about politics in schools, not about political dialectics, but about art and science, the politics we live every day. Politics as a Service to the Community, Politics as a tool for a happier and more comfortable society, politics as a noble and respected profession,” the president said. President George Berra publishes a book called ‘Eddie – Iswa Zilba Jugul’

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