President Lebanon vows to work on border negotiations with Israel

Beirut, June 9 (Xinhua)-Lebanese President Michel Aoun tackles maritime boundary issues on Thursday in hopes of achieving favorable results during a scheduled meeting with US mediators. He vowed to continue, the Lebanese president said in a statement.

Aung’s remarks claimed that Israel was in a special economic zone and Lebanon was in conflict waters after Israel sent an Energen power ship to enter the Kalish gas field on Sunday. Due to this dispute, Lebanese authorities have called on US intermediary Amos Hochsteint to visit Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, early next week.

“In particular, Lebanon hopes to invest its oil and gas wealth in Lebanon’s waters and maintain the stability and security of its border areas (with Israel) through these negotiations, so it will resume indirect negotiations. I urge Hochstein to resume his efforts for this.) ” Aung told senior diplomats in Lebanon, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Israel said Wednesday that it was “ready to defend” a natural gas rig in dispute near the border between Israel and Lebanon in the Mediterranean, and urged Lebanon to facilitate negotiations in the dispute zone.

In a joint statement released by Israeli Foreign Minister Yale Rapid, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and Energy and Energy Minister Karin Elhara, Israel called on Lebanon to “accelerate negotiations at the maritime border.” President Lebanon vows to work on border negotiations with Israel

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