President meets with PASOK leader

Hellenic President Katerina Sakelaropoulou welcomed the leader of the opposition PASOK-kinal party Nikos Androulakis at the presidential palace on Wednesday afternoon. It was her first meeting with the president since taking office as party leader.

Androulakis called the meeting on account of Russia’s continued illegal invasion of Ukraine, a worsening energy crisis affecting more households across Europe and especially more households, and unacceptable provocations by the Turkish leader against Greek sovereignty. said he asked. It goes far beyond the boundaries set by international law and the conditions of good non-neighborhood relations.

“This calls for a comprehensive European response, including on a potential arms embargo and on the new structural relationship between the European Union and Turkey, which will ensure our sovereignty.” he added.

The PASOK-KINAL leader also raised the issue of the interception of his mobile phone by the National Intelligence Service to the president, stating that this is a democratic issue, not a personal one, and will be resolved without overshadowing the public. He said it was a problem that had to be done. political system. He argued that this was primarily a government job.

“I can’t imagine there being an islet within the state’s sphere of activity that I would consider to be above the law and beyond the control of Congress,” Andororakis said. “I sincerely hope that this incident will serve as an opportunity to further strengthen our country’s independent authority…to ensure a nation governed by the rule of law…”

Sakeralopoulo also referred to the Turkish president’s provocative remarks, stating that Greece was “always ready to initiate dialogue, respecting international law and good neighborly relations, but ready to defend national integrity and sovereignty.” There will always be,” he said.

On the issue of wiretapping, the president said from the outset he had taken as clear a position as his role would allow, and that the bodies responsible for handling it were Congress, its commissions of inquiry, and the judicial system. . Androulakis had already relied. The president said he was aware of the limitations of his job and stressed the importance of his separation of powers.

“The case has already been brought to the authorities and we all hope that the investigation will be completed and we will have results as soon as possible. Your case most eloquently illustrates the need to improve existing legislative frameworks and protect the National Intelligence Agency at the level of legislation and good practices,” Sakelaropoulou said. [AMNA] President meets with PASOK leader

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