President Novak opens Transylvania Complex at the Little World Museum

“Our Hungarian culture, our shared history, and culture is the umbilical cord that connects Transylvania and Hungary,” said President Catalin Novak of Transylvania at the Centendre’s Open Ethnographic Museum north of Budapest. I mentioned it at the opening ceremony of the building complex. Thursday.

“Without Transylvania, Hungary would not be the same,” he said, adding that Transylvania’s Hungarian culture is “not a thing of the past, but a part of the present and the key to the future.”

Novák said he was leaving for Romania and was about to visit a city in Transylvania within a few days. She said that the government’s efforts to “develop the country and strengthen the identity of its people” over the past 12 years have led more and more people to “begin to see for themselves that the country crosses national borders.” Stated.

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In the next few decades, Novak called for efforts to maintain our shared heritage, culture and Hungarian language, because all of this constitutes a connection to our hometown. is”.

The new complex includes six buildings from a small town in Transylvania, five farmer’s homes from a village, a church, a school, and a community building.

Featured images by Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI

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