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President of Lebanon calls for unity to tackle challenges

Beirut: Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on Arab leaders to unite on Saturday to tackle the challenges facing the Arab world today. “We are to defend the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinians, to put an end to the war in our country, and to combat terrorism in addition to dealing with the greatest wave of evacuation in our time. We must work together to tackle a variety of challenges, including spare no effort, “said President Lebanon’s statement, citing Aung’s statement.

Aung spoke at a meeting at the Barbuda Palace with Arab Foreign Ministers, including Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser al-Mohammad al-Saber, who arrived in Beirut for the Arab League’s Advisory Ministers’ Meeting. At a meeting chaired by Lebanon, Aung told Arab countries that Lebanon was suffering from many crises and its territory.

Lebanon is determined to resolve multiple crises, Aung said, and the country has successfully held parliamentary elections and is now forming a government, reaching an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to prevent the country’s collapse. He added that he was aiming for that. Ahmad Abourgate, Executive Secretary of the Arab League, said the alliance would support Lebanon, the Lebanese government and its people. The AL’s Council of Foreign Ministers meets twice a year in July and September to discuss issues related to Arab countries.

At the council, Arab foreign ministers discussed crises in various regions, with an emphasis on food security and the impact of the war in Ukraine on Arab countries. Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Abdala Bowhabib praised the tone and atmosphere of the meeting and said the meeting was completely successful and attracted widespread participation.

“Transparent, responsible and substantive discussions have led to consensus on many regional and international issues,” he said in a joint press conference with Abourgite. “I felt friendship and solidarity from all the participants in Lebanon, which is in a difficult economic situation. They all hope that the Lebanese economy will recover as soon as possible. Participation in this conference I sent a message of support to Lebanon, “Bowha Bib said.

He said the discussion addressed the need to continue to support Lebanon, improve the living conditions of the people of Lebanon, and achieve the goals of the Kuwaiti initiative for Lebanon. During the meeting, the minister said he raised the need to find new solutions to the Syrian refugee crisis, other than funding his stay in Lebanon. Regarding Palestinian questions, he said conference participants discussed the abuse of Zionist occupying authorities that undermines the possibility of fair and comprehensive peace under a two-state vision.

Regarding food security, the conference pondered the risk of Somali famine due to the draft and reached an agreement to provide emergency assistance to alleviate the suffering of the people of Arab countries, Bhuhabib said. Regarding the war in Ukraine, he added, top Arab diplomats were unanimous in refusing to politicize international organizations against the backdrop of the conflict.

Aboul-Gheit said the council took place between two regular meetings of the Arab League Council in March and September. “Meeting participants examined the preparations for the upcoming Arab Summit and the impact of the war on Ukraine against Arab countries in areas such as food security and energy,” he said. They revealed that Lebanon had recovered from the current difficulties and had a good discussion in a meeting with the IMF on how to support it. Regarding the relationship between Lebanon and the GCC, Abourg Gaito said the relationship is going well. This shows a common desire to normalize the relationship.

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