President Radef: North Macedonia’s veto should be maintained until the Bulgarians are included in the

“I cannot compromise the rights of Macedonian Bulgarian people. They must be included in the Constitution.” This was stated by President Lumen of Bulgaria Radef In his 30-minute speech at the opening of the conference on “European Perspectives for Good Neighbor Relations Between Republics” Bulgaria And the North Republic Macedonia“.

This forum is sponsored by the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Science of Macedonia and is sponsored by the Head of State. The conference is in memory of Gotse Delchev, whose death is 119 years old today.

according to Radef, He disagrees with the official reached by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and EC Chair Ursula von der Leyen-constitutional changes guaranteed by the EU, along with a package of measures for an adjacency agreement between the two. Introduced to the countries in the negotiation chapter.This does more than just unblock North membership Macedonia EU, but also protect BulgariaPosition of.

“I am convinced of the future of Europe in the Northern Republic. Macedonia There is no alternative “, Lumen said Radef At the beginning of his speech, he added that he was convinced of both people’s desire for complete communication.He remembered it Bulgaria It was the first country to recognize the independence of a young Macedonian state in 1992.

“We have unconditionally supported the North MacedoniaNATO membership guaranteed its security. “If we want to develop our relationship strategically, we must be honest in our dialogue.” Radef Said. He added that anti-Bulgarian campaigns involving state institutions, the media and political parties are still intensifying in Skopje.

“The cohesion process has been thwarted and Corridor 8 remains in the territory of the Declaration. Good neighborhood agreements in 2017 have not been implemented and the Commission’s work on the historical and educational processes has been thwarted.” Said the president. He said Skopje used all means of lobbying for its benefits, and last year’s “Scandalous Census“It highlighted the problem of our compatriots.

“The war in Ukraine is being used as an urgent and immediate integration debate at the expense of severe compromises.” Radef Said. According to him, we are facing a historic election, “This is a problem that affects the foundation of our national identity. This is national dignity, sustainability, and the future of the EU, even if not valued by our partners... “

according to RadefWe are currently facing “The dilemma of how to do that. This will set a clear barrier to the insurgents’ Macedonianism and allow us to agree to start integration negotiations as soon as possible while preserving our history and identity. . “

“What are the guarantees we need to reach the European format? What are the factors, the impetus, and their origins?” The president asked. Then he replied:

“I cannot compromise the rights of Macedonian Bulgarian people. They must be included in the Constitution.”

Radef The northern Bulgarian Macedonia can “Integrate into the economic life of our neighbors.” He said that “Bulgarian” is included in the “nationality of the people” of the Constitution.Barriers to ending the process of non-Bulgarianization“.

“I can’t accept our multi-view approach to history, I can’t agree to the theft of our history.” Radef It is very important to end the hate speech. “This starts with changing history and geography textbooks. I can’t accept that the younger generation is raised with words of hatred for Bulgaria. Without the archive of the UDBA (Yugoslavia Secret Service), move forward. No. Thousands of people killed just because they are called Bulgarians have been declassified to reveal. As all East European countries have experienced their hatred. Macedonia There is no choice but to break through that totalitarian past and steadily follow the path to democracy. “

According to the lumen RadefThe EU is unaware of the possibility of Macedonianism for destabilization.

“We need to integrate our partners, not the problem. With these things, as President of the Republic BulgariaCan’t be compromised “ Radef Said.When is the big problem Bulgaria The head of state said he would agree to start negotiations, adding again:

I have always said that this must be after the constitution has changed.

He explained: rejection You should not be dismissed before that. Because we have a good neighbor agreement for five years. “But what happened, something changed?? According to Lumen Radef, There is no guarantee that anything will change. He asked how the EU guarantees that Skopje shows a lack of willingness to respect human rights as set forth in the Copenhagen criteria for EU accession.

once again, Radef Said “for” Open the door to negotiations when there is a clear guarantee of the irreversible process.He paradoxically the EU misunderstood our position “All ways of lobbying and pressure Bulgaria Through our allies and European institutions rejection For the beginning of the north MacedoniaEU Member State Talks “.

Radef Did not fail “Stab“42 intellectuals and public figures from Bulgaria And north MacedoniaAnnounced autumn yesterday rejection And, “We announced the construction of a network of friendship clubs.Create an active civil society that works for reconciliation between the two countries based on European values. “:

“It’s amazing that Bulgarian intellectuals who pledge European values ​​from morning till night are actually ready to surpass European values. Copenhagen criteria will quickly and unconditionally raise everything. The same intellectuals without a doubt They are fierce anti-communists, but I think they justify the idea of ​​international communists. Bulgaria There are many other intellectuals. Thank you for being here. “

“It’s great that the energetic new Prime Ministers of both countries have taken a new path. I would like to see a calendar schedule for solving unresolved political issues. If not, all of this and both governments It’s an effort, and it’s important to clarify the problem and our position. Bulgaria We are not acting from a powerful standpoint, but from the standpoint of truth and responsibility for the EU. This is the strength of our position and we need to defend in every way. “Insisted on the head of state

He turned his attention to the draft of US resolution 741. If adopted, this resolution will be proclaimed in September in the month of Macedonian language, culture and history, which will contribute to the development of the country. “This is done under the diplomat’s nose.”He emphasized. Radef Only the organization responded and claimed to be grateful for the speech to the Illinois Parliament, showing how the Consul General of Chicago supported our policy.

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