President with a track record of transporting Cyprus

President Nikos Anastasiades said he cannot be proud that Cyprus shipping has contributed to the economy in such a difficult year of ever-changing rules and regulatory pandemics.

“It’s more clear than ever how much shipping contributes to the country,” Anastasiades told the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber of Commerce.

According to Anastasiades, the contribution of shipping to the economy remains very important.

“The Government of Cyprus is well aware that through shipping, Cyprus stands out by achieving outstanding international rankings and recognition that transcends its size and boundaries.”

He said the Cyprus Shipping Chamber of Commerce has been successful in shipping since 1989. He should be proud to have set up a specialized organization that is actively involved in the development of government maritime policy and its contribution to its growth. Cyprus Ship Registration..

Anastasiades said that the International Chamber of Shipping was elected Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Themis Papadopoulos, and that former President Filipos Philis was elected as the first Cyprus shipowner to be elected to the European Shipowners’ Association. “

He ensured that the implementation of the National Shipping Strategy was the government’s top priority. In particular, the establishment of a “one-stop shipping center” in the sub-provincial shipping department.

“Our ambition is to stay one step ahead of the competition, both as an international register and as a hub for international shipping operations.”

House speaker Annita Demetriou said:

She said international development emphasized the need to ensure a strong and stable transportation environment in the ever-growing eastern Mediterranean, where commerce and transportation are essential.

“Cyprus is also an important pillar of cooperation with neighboring countries in the context of the tripartite cooperation mechanism that Cyprus and Greece have established with the countries of the region.”

“These developments provide our maritime sector with additional incentives for growth.”

Cyprus has one of the largest commercial fleets in the world, and Limassol is considered the largest third-party ship management center in the European Union.

“These achievements are the result of the efforts of companies and companies engaged in the shipping industry and the continuously growing service sector in Cyprus.

“Delivery is making a big contribution to us National economy And it is an important source of income for our country.

“This gained momentum must be maintained and strengthened. I am confident in the determination of all involved to further establish Cyprus’ role as a global player in shipping.” Demetriou said.


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