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“Decision-making equipment needed to accommodate representatives of protesters”

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Former president and SLFP leader Maithripala Sirisena admitted that the change of power was not in line with the Constitution, but due to the current situation, parliamentary parties are working closely with those who have overthrown the government by unconstitutional means. I am forced to cooperate.

Sirisena revealed that she met a group of protesters’ representatives after hijacking Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential palace, and the Temple Tree on Saturday.

The mob even set fire to the prime minister’s private residence.

The former president said so in a conversation with Asoka Diaz about the Shirasa “Paticada” program yesterday morning (11). He said the president and prime minister had not resigned yet and the people had seized power. He said there was no point in denying the reality, emphasizing that the president, prime minister and parliament had lost their decision-making power.

Sirisena reiterated his and others’ demands that both the president and the prime minister resign without further delay.

The former president appeared in a live “Pathikada” program hours before President Gotabaya Rajapaksa notified the Prime Minister’s Office of his decision to resign tomorrow (13).

In response to the issues raised by interviewer Diaz, MP Sirisena said the seizure of government buildings and the developing situation posed such almost insurmountable challenges, and the crisis could not be addressed by constitutional means. .. Senator Sirisena argued that the Constitution is currently irrelevant. Therefore, MPs said they had no choice but to reach an agreement with those who had defeated the government on a viable plan. According to the former president, this is a reality in the context of the president, and the prime minister has lost his authority.

Parliamentarian Sirisena said parliamentarians who declared themselves independent of the party they represented posed considerable challenges to speakers and party leaders. SLFPer has suggested that perhaps one or two lawmakers could represent dissidents at the party leader’s meeting, but it would be impractical to address all of them.

The former president also questioned the adequacy of cabinet members to leave the portfolio, as no appointed president was found anywhere. Among those who resigned in the wake of Saturday’s turmoil were SLF Per Mahinda Amaraweera and Dhammika Perera, a successful businessman who recently turned into a politician.

In response to questions about the international reaction to the collapse of the government, former President Sirisena said he had been guaranteed their support by the High Commissioner of India in Colombogo Parva Gray and the Chinese ambassador, Chi Jen Hong. MP Sirisena quoted the top envoy as telling him that political change was not important and their commitment remained.

Declaring that the public rejected both President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Senator Sirisena emphasized the urgent need to establish a mechanism to respond to representatives of the groups that campaigned for the change of government. did. Mr Sirisena said such a device was needed to prevent unnecessary problems that could endanger the proposed all-party government.

The former president said he was very pleased with the government’s fall characterized by the seizure of major government buildings. However, SLFP regretted that some valuable items belonging to the state were removed by those who entered those buildings. After regaining a bunch of currencies at the presidential residence, he sent enthusiastic compliments to the protesters who handed him 17,850,000 rupees, he said, which should not have happened. Prez states that it will only make a statement through the speaker’s office – The Island.

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