Primary Care Clinic for Refugees Opens Today at Romexpo – TheRomania Journal

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ROMEXPO’s Integrated Refugee Services Center’s Primary Care and Mental Health Services office will be launched on Monday, World Refugee Day.

“Bucharest has the largest number of refugees in Ukraine, the majority of whom are women and children. Clinics provide family medicine, gynecology, family planning and reproductive medicine services. Psychological counseling offices are relevant. Providing services and individual and group psychotherapy. Two offices were established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health with the support of the WHO office in Ukraine. Antibiotics and vaccinations, patients. Several informational materials have been created on the medical rights of Bucharest, which will be available in Ukrainian, Romanian and English.“The Ministry of Health says.

According to the Border Guard Chief, 108,095 people from the border crossing entered Romania on Sunday, of which 9,231 were Ukrainian citizens (down 15.2% compared to the previous day).

5,198 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania through the border with Ukraine (down 22.2%) and entered through the border with the Republic of Moldova – 1,090 Ukrainian citizens (down 2.4%).

From February 24th to June 19th, when the war broke out, 1,250,981 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania. At the same time, from 10 February 2022 (pre-conflict period), 1,285,510 Ukrainians entered Romania. Primary Care Clinic for Refugees Opens Today at Romexpo – TheRomania Journal

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