Prime Minister confirms Greek interest in F-35 at White House reception

US President Joe Biden (right) and Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsutakis (left) can be seen applauding at a reception in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Monday. [Susan Walsh/AP]

Prime Minister Kiriacos Mitsutakis said on Monday that Greece is paying attention to the purchase of advanced U.S.-made F-35 fighters, and that major U.S. defense contractors are seeking investment in the country’s aerospace industry. It was confirmed.

“We have begun the process of acquiring a squadron of F-35 aircraft and hope to be able to add this amazing plane to the Greek Air Force by the end of the last decade. And on Friday, Rocky de Martin said Helenick. We are pleased to have officially shown an interest in investing in aerospace, “Mitsutakis said at the beginning of the reception after the meeting with US President Joe Byden in the presidential office.

“The two countries are working together on everything from climate and energy, trade and investment, defense and disaster response,” Biden said at a rally in the White House’s East Room.

“Today, it is no exaggeration to say that our friendships and partnerships, and our alliances, are closer and stronger than ever before,” he said. “We had a great conversation, and the dangerous part for you is that we love each other very much.”

Byden also praised Greece’s attitude towards the war in Ukraine and told Mitsutakis, “The moral courage and clarity from the beginning of this crisis: Immediately speaking to condemn Russia’s invasion and welcoming Ukrainian refugees. It is a safe breakwater. ” For NATO East and Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean. “

“Together, we show the power and ability of democracy to act in unison, and we are helping Ukrainians say’no’to the Russian invasion. And we say “no” to the idea that tyranny and dictatorship surpass democracy in the 21st century. Because, in my view, it’s at stake here, “said the President of the United States.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “unfortunately reminds us of what is commonplace in Europe: we can’t force a map to be redrawn,” Mitsutakis said.

Greece has supported Ukraine from the beginning. “For principle reasons, this should be painfully obvious, but we also did so to protect the world order, which presupposes respect for international law. What you want is a” rule-based “international order. please call me. “

“Neo-imperial fantasy is from another century. They must not succeed. And they are not only for Ukraine, but to other authoritarian leaders, the infringement of sovereignty is unified and powerful. We must succeed in sending a very clear signal that we will be satisfied by a positive response, “he said in a clear excavation in Turkey.

“This is why it is so important for Europe and the United States to stand side by side in this battle. After all, what we are protecting is the values ​​that underlie our liberal democracy. That’s what Mitsutakis added. Prime Minister confirms Greek interest in F-35 at White House reception

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