Prime Minister Davis Launches Park Connect Free Wi-Fi Nationwide

NEW BIGHT, Cat Island, Bahamas – Prime Minister and Treasurer at the launch of Park Connect Free Wi-Fi. Philip Davis said on August 13, 2022, he was “very excited” to launch an important national initiative on Cat Island, the island where he grew up.

“After months of planning and hard work, we are excited to launch a program that will benefit Bahamians across the country by providing free Wi-Fi in at least one park in every constituency nationwide. That’s it,” said Prime Minister Davis at the ceremony. At the New Bite Regatta Park on that island.

Prime Minister Davis said his office and the Department of Economic Affairs will work with Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches, Cable Bahamas, Bahamas Telecommunications Company, Bahamas Power and Light, and Grand Bahamas Power Company to provide resources, expertise and I pointed out that I combined “share”. The initiative was brought together in ‘Love for the Country’.

On the same day, a park in Fresh Creek, Andros also launched free Internet access. Harbor Island near North Eleuthera. at various parks in New Providence.

“Internet access has become as essential a service to economic development as roads and utilities,” said Prime Minister Davis. “The Internet is a highway of information and opportunity, bringing people news, sharing ideas and building connections between communities.”

“Now, this valuable resource will be made available free of charge to Bahamian individuals, families and businesses in parks and community centers across the country,” he added. “This will expand opportunities for thousands of people by giving Bahamians free access to virtual learning, job search and digital skills development at the click of a button.

“This is more than just an investment in our parks. This is an investment in our people and our future.”

Prime Minister Davis is just one of many examples of the impact an initiative can have.

“As you know, there is an entrepreneurial spirit alive in this country. I know they have inspired many others to go down that path since then. Whether it’s researching business plans, learning marketing ideas, or connecting with customers, the internet can be a great resource—the kind of information that everyone should have access to. and how digital tools drive economic development and connectivity.”

Prime Minister Davis said the launch of Park Connect Free Wi-Fi access across the Bahamas is part of a larger digital transformation strategy for the Bahamas. He noted that today’s launch is an important step towards bridging the digital divide.

he said: Opened: This means the door to online his banking, online learning, business operations, church zoom meetings, work webinars. Door to apply for e-passport, driver’s license, birth certificate and other government services online. ”

“I heard a story of a young Bahamian who was determined to study by distance learning and pass his exams, but he didn’t have regular internet access at home,” he said. Prime Minister Davis said. “He had to hang around outside private companies and use their WiFi when he could. We must do better for young people.

“Young Bahamians striving for education and a better life – this is someone we should support in every way possible,” he added. We must continue to break down digital barriers and obstacles to help carve out a better future.”

Prime Minister Davis said the provision of infrastructure to enable free Wi-Fi and the reopening and upgrading of public parks are in line with the government’s goal of creating both a thriving digital society and stronger communities. said.

“As outlined in our blueprint for change, Bahamians will ensure greater access to local economic development, community building, promotion of e-government services, and education and skills development. I believe you should,” he said.

“My friends, the digital revolution is here,” Davis said. “If you’ve ever been denied access to the internet because of cost or accessibility, today is especially for you.

“Park Connect Free Wi-Fi is just the beginning of our digital journey. We have so much more in store for you and our beautiful Bahamaland.” (Photo/OPM)

PM Davis logs on to Park Connect on Cat Island. Prime Minister Davis Launches Park Connect Free Wi-Fi Nationwide

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