Prime Minister Davis says he had to look for new land to build a new hospital for GB

Discussion of the Grand Bahamas – Hong, Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Philip Davis (left) chats with Grand Bahama Senators Kirkland Russell and James Turner in the Grand Bahama Province Boardroom on Friday, June 17, 2022, following a contract to refurbish Morg at the Land Memorial Hospital. .. (BIS Photo / Andrew Miller)

Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas — Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hong. Phillip Davis said plans to build a new state-of-the-art hospital in Grand Bahama by the end of this fiscal year were hampered by land issues.

At a press conference in Grand Bahama Province on Friday, June 17, 2022, the Prime Minister said the government needed to look for other land on a $ 1.6 million contract that signed a renovation of the morgue at Land Memorial Hospital. rice field. To build the proposed new hospital.

“The last time I was here, we said we would start construction in the new hospital soon,” said Prime Minister Davis.

“The Minister of Health will tell you that I wanted to do that by the end of June this year. Unfortunately, I wanted to put the hospital on the land I acquired as a new hospital in 2015. It was lent to porridge by the previous administration. It is now the site of the Atlantic Medical School.

“We tried to get some of the land back, but that didn’t work, so now we need to revisit where we want to build the hospital. We already have the money to build the hospital. It can be said that it is secured.
“It was our problem to identify the land we have. The land is not ours, but we will acquire the land as soon as possible. The Minister said that the area we identified is me. I told me they are doing geomorphological studies to make sure they are suitable for the hospital we are trying to build.

“I told the minister this morning that I needed to act swiftly to achieve this, because I want my words to mean something.”

Prime Minister Davis said Grand Bahama remains at the forefront of his government’s efforts. He is aware of the island’s challenges and said his government intends to bring relief.

“We’re not just talking about it, we’re going to do it, and this deal is a step in that direction.”

He points out that Dorian’s experience has really deteriorated, revealing weaknesses in the country’s health system, one of which is the morgue sector. He added that many Grand Bahamans can recall the traumatic experience they would have had after Hurricane Dorian and the impact it had on their loved ones lost in the overwhelming system.

“Thank you, climate change is a reality,” said Prime Minister Davis.

“There was a lot of talk about the tropical cyclones that passed through the Grand Bahamas two weeks ago, the heavy rains they caused, and the damage done. All of them are related to climate change. We lose them. You have to find the money to fix, adapt and mitigate.

“That’s why whatever they say about what I’m traveling … I’m traveling to let the world know that we’re not negligent. We’re carbon emitters into the atmosphere. No. In fact, our emissions are less than 1 percent zero of the world’s total carbon emissions.

“We are at the mercy of major and emitting countries, but I think they are in the spotlight now, and we should see some help coming to us. 40% of our country’s debt is directly related to the consequences of climate change.

“Every time a hurricane occurs, you lose and lose, you have to recover, rejuvenate, and recover. It costs money. Where can you get it? You have to borrow it. That’s why we Debt is on the rise, but we are confident that we are now in the spotlight of the world on this issue. “ Prime Minister Davis says he had to look for new land to build a new hospital for GB

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