Prime Minister Davis wants CANTO to cooperate with the Bahamas’ new effort to transform lives through digital technology.

Prime Minister Davis was welcomed as a keynote speaker at CANTO.

Miami, FL – Prime Minister and Finance Minister at the CANTO Annual Conference and Trade Fair in Miami, Florida, July 20, 2022
Book. Philip Davis is committed to leading the Bahamas on the global stage by pursuing a common Caribbean vision of connected and empowered people and transforming lives through digital technology. He said he was new.

“We have already announced a campaign to be reelected to the Council of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with the support of the Caribbean Community. And now I am
We are pleased to announce that the Bahamas government will propose candidates for the election as Director of the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT), “said Prime Minister Davis.

He said that BDT is a division of the ITU focused on providing support for development: “It is a long time ago that the Caribbean and small island developing states occupy their place in the ITU. It’s leadership. “

“With Stephen Bereaux, a Bahamian and former CEO of the telecommunications regulator URCA,
Currently, the acting director of BDT is arguably the most capable person.
Prime Minister Davis is a close partner of current Director General Doreen Bogdan Martin and will assume the mantle of Director General BDT for arguably achieving the most successful leadership term for the Department. “

“Stephen is the director by providing an influential, effective and relevant BDT, addressing the needs of Member States and achieving a level of success that has been overlooked for some time in this critical organization. And have supported the team.

“The entire Caribbean joins the Bahamas and promotes and ensures the success of Caribbean candidate Bellow in order to succeed in the elections at the ITU Almighty Conference in Bucharest, Romania this September. I hope to do that, “he added. ..

Prime Minister Davis said his administration’s first full budget in June included incentives and tax cuts for those investing in ICT.

“We want to enhance conversations rather than the basics of credibility,” he said.

“We need to get a complete picture of what is best for national interests and what is best for regional interests,” he added. “We need to look in the long run.”

Prime Minister Davis said there are many “untapped possibilities”, especially among young people.

“They are hungry for change and are willing to do something else,” he said. “They have a lot in common with engineers who like to explain the destructive nature of what they are doing.”

Prime Minister Davis said one of the vibrant values ​​of his administration lies in the concept of “economic justice.”

He said in January 2022 it was reported that during the pandemic, the wealth of the 10 wealthiest men in the world doubled to $ 1.5 trillion. Around the same time, he said the world’s poverty rate was reported to have increased from 7.8 percent to 9.1 percent.

He added that it is estimated that about 97 million people live on less than $ 1.90 a day because of a pandemic.

“In principle, our view is that the more equitable the economy, the more successful it will be,” said Prime Minister Davis.

“It’s a view that goes beyond economists and scholars to move into a wider area of ​​public policy and business.”

“I raise it to encourage participation in this approach when planning individual roles in the digital revolution,” he added. “A ruthless and relentless pursuit of profits may bring short-term profits, but when corporate social responsibility is taken into account, it can lead to greater, more stable and more lasting profitability. I have.”

Prime Minister Davis said he would like to make a request to the Caribbean CEO and executives sitting there that day.

“Let’s work together to create a different and better future for the Caribbean,” he said. “Lazy attention to maximizing shareholder interests will undermine a better future for the Caribbean.”

For explanation, Prime Minister Davis pointed out that the Bahamas was an archipelago and there was no business case to build fiber optic cables to distant family islands.

“But there were social, security, and nation-building cases,” he said. “Today’s Bahamas is better than yesterday’s investment.

“Broadband penetration in our region is only 50%,” said Prime Minister Davis. “As a social priority, let’s promise to increase the spread of broadband in our area.

“This supports the true diversification of our economy, as the deployment of affordable and reliable broadband can create thousands of new high-paying jobs.”

Prime Minister Davis said other countries are spending billions of dollars to ensure that broadband reaches all people. His vision was to see small countries in the region keep pace, he said.

“My challenge to you is to work with us and work with policy makers to make broadband universal, affordable and reliable for everyone in our region.” He said. “Impress the decision makers in your company with the urgency to reduce the digital divide.

“In addition, work with us to build true protection from cyber threats.”

Prime Minister Davis pointed out that he began his remarks by explaining how much of the technology they took for granted today was once considered incredibly impossible.

“We need to be inspired every day by the imagination, tenacity and vision that created us.
Exists, we create, innovate, and
It will revolutionize, “he said.

“Digital transformation of the Caribbean where knowledge, ingenuity and investment take place
Will you create the best small country in the world?

“Now it’s revolutionary.” Prime Minister Davis wants CANTO to cooperate with the Bahamas’ new effort to transform lives through digital technology.

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