Prime Minister Eduardo Hager has two months to make important decisions

Record temperature villages, disgusting Slovak scientists this year, and others have to read last week’s story.

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Welcome to the weekly summary of news from Slovakia. This is a special summer edition of last week in Slovakia. It will return to normal operation in mid-July, with a complete commentary and news summary by Editor-in-Chief Michaela Terenzani.

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Articles continue after video ads

Here’s what you need to know last week: SaS withdraws from simultaneous contractCalls on the Prime Minister to dismiss Matovich.What is it like to live in Village that keeps breaking temperature records..Slovak Scientist of the Year Explains Why Our reaction to rotten food, queue jumps, and even sexual minorities is the same...

SaS prepared to leave the government

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), one of the coalition parties Announced that it will no longer accept existing coalition agreements.. The party demands the dismissal of Finance Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO). According to SaS Chair Richard Sulík, Matovich is the biggest issue in the coalition where he criticized the mishandling of public finances.

According to polls, Matovich is the least trusted minister of the coalition, Break the record..In addition, the Minister of Finance recently Escalate attacks on journalists..

SaS will soon submit a request to the Prime Minister for a working coalition and government. But if there is no agreement and Matovich does not leave by the end of August, the party’s four ministers will resign.

Observers have criticized Prime Minister Eduardo Hager for not taking action against Matovich, who seeks conflict.

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Village that keeps breaking temperature records

At the end of June, in the village of Somotor in the Trevisovsky district, Meteorologists have recorded the highest temperature ever in Slovakia, 38.8 degrees Celsius... It is in the lowlands of eastern Slovakia, but such temperatures are not normal. In addition, it is associated with a high lack of water.

According to the mayor, the groundwater table is probably the lowest in the last few years. Fortunately for the inhabitants, the village has an interconnected water supply system. In the eastern half of Slovakia, precipitation decreased by 40 to 80 millimeters in May and June.

In the last few weeks, many parts of the east have reported emergencies Because the local reservoir is almost empty. Drinking water had to be trucked. On the other hand, the western part of the country experienced twice as much rainfall as the eastern part.

Minority, conservative, disgust science

Only recently has research focused on disgust, the emotional response of humans. Over the last few years, more and more research has focused on relationships with everything from disgust and ecosystem conservation to LGBTQ attitudes towards people.

In the interview, Behavioral Ecologist and Slovak Scientist of the Year Pabol Prokop talks about his various studies, explaining how aspects of human behavior relate to evolution, and why science must even study what we clearly know. To do.

This week’s quote

“I can’t continue like I used to.”

Chair SaS and Minister of Economy Richard Slick during a press conference The coalition has announced that it will no longer accept existing transactions and will demand the dismissal of Finance Minister Igor Matovič.

Plan of this week

  • The SaS Party will send a letter to Prime Minister Eduardo Hager outlining their demands on how the coalition should work.
  • The Kuciak murder trial continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The trial with former prosecutor Dobroslav Trunka will continue on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • A delegation of the European Parliament will visit Lunik IX in the infamous Košice district, home to thousands of Roma people.

This week’s must-read story

Natural Gas: Slovakia is trying to limit Russia’s dependence on natural gas. At its peak in the 1960s, the country extracted 1.5 billion cubic meters. This will cover one-third of today’s consumption. A company found a potential gas deposit near Trnava..

Internet Explorer: Despite the old web browser being stopped and no longer supported Electronic services in some states still need to be used Of the program for approval of electronic filing.

Volvo Car Maker: After many years of empty promises Eastern Slovakia Finally acquired its own car maker factory.. It will bring thousands of employment opportunities, but speculators will also come.

BIOMETHANE: First factory in Slovakia Aimed to utilize biodegradable municipal waste.. MP agricultural companies produce biomethane only from waste, 20% of their own and 80% from other sources.

Bratislava Airport: Milan Rastislav Airport in Bratislava is named The 9th best airport in Eastern Europe with the latest Skytrax – World Airport Awards.. The airport is the largest and only on the list in the country.

Biggest Maze: It took me three years to grow a tree and make a maze.People can do it now Find it at Stará Ľubovňa in northeastern Slovakia..

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