Prime Minister Golob sees Bosnia as taking an “important step”

Brussels-Slovenia did not succeed in proposing that Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Ukraine and Moldova, would be given EU candidate status at the EU Summit, but Prime Minister Robert Golob said, “an important step since the country retreated. Was taken on the EU agenda.

“No, I’m not disappointed. Why should I do that? I think we’ve taken an important step today. [Bosnia-Herzegovina].. After all, there was an in-depth discussion that lasted for several hours, “he told reporters after the first day of the proceedings.

Bosnia has been “pulled back from a sort of oblivion,” Golob said, and EU leaders now have a rough time frame for this topic to return to the agenda.

The next step is the Commission’s report on the achievement of 14 priorities focusing on the criteria essential to the status of the candidate country.

Golob described it as a “pure technocratic approach”, which is the same approach applied to Ukraine and Moldova.

The committee plans to prepare a report by October, at which point it will be possible to determine what a realistic time frame is.

“It’s quite possible that this will be by the end of this year, but it doesn’t depend on Slovenia or the European Commission,” he said.

Golob acknowledged that this approach had been advocated by certain member states, but Slovenia has not been forgotten or left behind just because there is a fierce war in Ukraine now. I wanted to convey the signal to West Balkan.

He did not say who was the strongest opponent of the Slovenian move, but EU sources said Austria and Croatia were the strongest supporters, with Denmark and the Netherlands the main opponents. .. Prime Minister Golob sees Bosnia as taking an “important step”

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