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Prime Minister Johnson says hospitals are facing “significant pressure”

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said yesterday that the surge in virus infections will put “significant pressure” on UK state hospitals in the coming weeks.
During his visit to the Johnson Space Center, the Johnson Space Center said, “Omicron continues to surge across the country,” so “pressure on the NHS hospital will probably be higher in the coming weeks.”
The UK has not released national figures this year, but saw a record number of cases on the last day of 2021. The country is one of the most affected countries in Europe, with deaths of about 149,000. “We are looking at what we can do to move people to areas that are particularly severely affected,” he said, recognizing that Covid is often absent from hospital staff. ..
According to The Sunday Times, about 50,000 NHS staff were absent from work on Friday because of illness or self-isolation due to Covid-19. “There is increasing pressure on hospitals outside London,” said Chris Hopson, chief executive officer of the UK’s leading NHS provider, after the capital was previously struck by a virus incident. I told the news.
Johnson urged the public to get a booster vaccination, saying there was a slot available to 2 million people this week. So far, almost 34 million people have received booster jabs.
The Prime Minister upheld his decision not to tighten virus control during British festivals, unlike other UK regions where nightclubs are closed and social gatherings are restricted. “Of course, we continue to consider all the steps, but I think the mix of what we are doing right now,” said the Prime Minister.
The Omicron variant “doesn’t seem to be much more decisively more serious than Delta or Alpha,” Johnson said. “Few people are in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).” The number of people in Covid in the UK exceeded 13,000 on Sunday, the highest since February, of which 769 had a ventilator. Reported to be using.
Secretary of Education Nadhim Zahawi said late Saturday that the government would recommend wearing face covers in classrooms and educational spaces as a “temporary” measure when junior high school students return home next week. Johnson reiterated that “we do not store them (masks) more than necessary.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said yesterday that the UK does not need any new steps to combat the “obviously milder” Omicron variant than its predecessor form of coronavirus. “The progress of the whole country is to keep going the way we are going,” he told the broadcaster. “Of course, we will continue to consider all the measures, but I think the combination of what we are doing now is correct.”
Despite the surge in infectious diseases, Johnson has so far resisted imposing new restrictions primarily on the United Kingdom, which accounts for more than 80% of the UK’s population. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which control their own rules, are imposing some new measures. Johnson said pressure on hospitals would be “significant” in the coming weeks, but Omicron is “clearly milder” than previous variants and the country is in a stronger position than in the early days of the pandemic. there were.
He said the UK had been vaccinated at “very, very high levels” and continued to strengthen its defenses with booster programs.
“The majority of people in the ICU (intensive care unit) are unvaccinated and the majority (about 90%) are unsupported,” he said at a vaccination center in Buckinghamshire, southeast England. I mentioned it when I visited.
Last month, Johnson imposed limited measures, such as wearing face covers on public transport and stores, known as “Plan B” in the UK, but did not reach the order limit for rallies and closures. ..
The government said on Sunday that older British school children would need to wear a face cover when they returned after Christmas holidays.

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