Prime Minister Mitsutakis: U.S. President Explicit to Turkey to Avoid Tensions in the Aegean Sea

At a press conference Thursday after the summit, US President Joe Biden was fully clarified in a message to Turkish President during a meeting on the need to avoid tensions between the Aegean Sea and Syria. According to a NATO leader in Madrid who said it was. When asked if he thinks Erdogan will obey, the Greek Prime Minister replied:

“I also saw the White House press release on the meeting between President Biden and President Erdogan. I think it was a very clear and very straightforward message that tensions had to be avoided in the Aegean Sea and Syria. A direct suggestion to Turkey is to return to the table for discussion and, unfortunately, avoid the extreme rhetoric exposed in these past few months. “

Regarding NATO, Mitsutakis said the alliance has significantly strengthened its eastern wing to allow Russia to offer deterrence to the ambitions it may have for its members.

“The Summit has tremendous geopolitical significance for NATO’s future as it has agreed on a new strategic concept to update the alliance’s priorities in the face of challenges facing the next decade. Russia is currently a strategic opponent of the alliance, which is why we are advancing as an alliance that has significantly strengthened NATO’s eastern wing, deterring any ambitions Russia may have. It can be demonstrated. It is a port that opposes NATO member states, “said Mitsutakis.

The Prime Minister of Greece commented on Turkey and, in many discussions held during the summit, said, “Turkey has never raised any issues related to the presentation of its own argument to Greece.” Added to.

“This shows something about how well these discussions can be launched in an international environment like NATO, or whether it is ultimately a more targeted discussion sequence. I think [Turkey’s] Domestic public opinion. “

The Prime Minister answered the question and said he did not expect the summer of 2020 to repeat in relations between Greece and Turkey, but Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He seems confident that he will meet. Recent statement.

“We must meet, discuss, and deal with our differences in a civilized way, within the framework of good neighbor relations, and using international law as the sole reference point. No other framework can trust and resolve the differences, “says Mitsutakis.

Apart from this, he added that it was revealed to all parties that NATO member states’ attention is currently focused on Ukraine.

“I don’t think there is any understanding or forgiveness about opening other debates. Perhaps it could destabilize the alliance in other geographic areas. I think this speaks for itself. This is why we continue to believe that we are not mobile in this area and that there will be no repeats in the summer of 2020. “ Prime Minister Mitsutakis: U.S. President Explicit to Turkey to Avoid Tensions in the Aegean Sea

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