Prime Minister Modi attends India-Scandinavian summit and visits France today

Copenhagen [Denmark]May 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi departs for Paris to meet the newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron on the final day of his three-day visit to Europe on Wednesday, Denmark. Attending the 2nd India-Nordic Summit in India.

The 2nd India-Scandinavian Summit will be attended by the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and will follow up on the 1st Summit in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018.

“The summit will focus on topics such as post-pandemic economic recovery, climate change, innovation and technology, renewable energy, evolving global security scenarios, and cooperation between India and the Arctic in the Arctic,” Modi said. Said in a previous statement. With a three-day visit on Sunday.

“As a bystander at the summit, I will meet with leaders from four other Nordic countries to review the development of India’s bilateral relations with them,” said Prime Minister Modi.

Following the summit, the Prime Minister will make a brief stop in Paris for a meeting with the newly re-elected President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

During his ongoing visits, Prime Minister Modi has engaged in bilateral involvement with German and Danish leaders to tackle the Indian diaspora case in both Berlin and Copenhagen.

Prime Minister Modi also interacted with business leaders in both Germany and Denmark during his visit.

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Berlin on Monday and participated in the 6th India-German Government Talks after bilateral talks with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.

The prime minister said intergovernmental talks were productive.

A total of nine agreements have been signed between India and Germany. This includes a Joint Declaration of Intention (JDI) on the Green and Sustainable Development Partnership, and Germany has agreed to pre-promise to India 10 billion euros of new and additional development assistance by 2030. Did. ..

The Prime Minister of India also addressed the Indian community in Berlin, talking about the government’s achievements, especially in the area of ​​technology and governance integration.

On the second day of the visit, the Prime Minister of India arrived in Copenhagen and met with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to discuss bilateral issues such as trade and cooperation in environmental action between the two countries.

The two leaders also held a delegation-level meeting in Copenhagen to review the progress of the green strategic partnership between the two countries.

Prime Minister Modi and his counterparts also discussed Ukraine, the former repeating the early termination of India’s hostilities and the diplomatic resolution of ongoing conflicts.

The two leaders continued their speech at a joint press conference, where they were formally signed between the two countries, including a Declaration of Intention to Migration and Relocation (DoI) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Skill development, vocational education and entrepreneurship, and the initiation of energy policy dialogue at the ministerial level between the two countries.

A total of nine agreements were exchanged between the two countries.

In the evening, Prime Minister Modi also addressed a member of the Indian Diaspora in Copenhagen, accompanied by the Prime Minister of Denmark.

According to a MEA statement, more than 1000 members of the Danish Indian community of students, researchers, professionals and business people attended the event.

Prime Minister Modi also attended a dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. This was the last item on the agenda on the second day of Prime Minister Modi’s visit. (ANI) Prime Minister Modi attends India-Scandinavian summit and visits France today

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