Prime Minister Modi digs oppa

New Delhi [India], March 19 (ANI): In a previous government dig at the center, PM Modi on Saturday said news headlines before 2014 were mostly worth tens of millions of dollars unearthed across the sector. He said it was about fraud and people taking to the streets to protest. “But today’s headlines are mostly about corruption taking to the streets to protest actions in corruption cases,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday focused on his government’s key achievements as he addressed the first 75 days of the year as the country celebrates its ‘Amrit Karl’ (Golden Age) and approaches its 100th anniversary of independence. I guessed India Today Conclave 2023.

Prime Minister Modi said: In this his 75 days, work began on the next phase of the Mumbai Metrorail project.In his first 75 days of the year, his cruise on the world’s longest river flagged in the country. Bangalore-Mysuru Expressway is now dedicated. In his 75 days, part of the Delhi-Mumbai highway has been opened, making commuting between the two cities faster and hassle-free, he added. “The Vande Bharat train linking Mumbai and Visakhapatnam has been suspended for the first 75 days of the year, and the permanent campus of IIT Dharwad has also been inaugurated. It is named after the winner and all this happened in the last 75 days,” Modi added.

He also said he witnessed the launch of E-20 fuel after achieving a 20% ethanol blend in gasoline and said Asia’s most advanced helicopter manufacturing facility had opened in Tumkur, Karnataka in the last 75 days. said.

Modi also noted that Air India has ordered a large number of aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

He said that in the past 75 days, the milestone of 1 billion phone calls has been reached through the e-Sanjeevani app, 800 million new water connections have been provided, 100% electrification of the rail network has been achieved, and 12 horses have been electrified. Added that a new batch of cheetahs has arrived. Her under-19 women’s team from India won the inaugural U19 T20 World Cup at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, with ‘RRR’ and ‘Elephant Whisperers’ winning Academy Awards this year basked in the glory of

Prime Minister Modi further informed that India has hosted 28 important G20 meetings, energy summits and global millet conferences in the past 75 days, and over 100 countries also participated in the Aero India Summit held in Bengaluru. , added that it showed the power of India. empty.

Further highlighting key achievements during the first 75 days of the year, Prime Minister Modi said a link was established with Singapore through the UPI, facilitating seamless financial transactions between the two countries, and the center helped thousands of earthquake victims. He said he had mobilized rescue and relief. Turkish and Syrian people as part of “Operation Dost”.

“All these developments prove that this is India’s moment,” Modi also said, referring to the first India-Bangladesh gas pipeline of its kind that was launched on Saturday evening. said. Thanks to infrastructure such as roads, railroads, ports and airports, the world is drawn to Indian culture and its soft power. “Yoga is gaining popularity all over the world today,” Modi said.

Citing his twin Oscar wins, he added that Indian cinema and music are also gaining global attention. He said that Indian millet – Shree Anna – has reached every corner of the globe.

He further said India’s ideas and potential to contribute to the ‘Global Good’ are being recognized by the world, whether it is the International Solar Alliance or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. This is India’s moment,” Modi said.

He also noted that many countries around the world are restoring ancient Indian idols to their rightful places.

“The hallmark of India Moment is a commitment coupled with performance,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi has sharpened his attacks on the opposition further, saying media outlets that have won more TRPs for covering fraud in the past now have an opportunity to increase their rating points by covering their actions against corruption.

He said there used to be regular headlines of bomb explosions and Naxal attacks in the city, but today there is no news other than peace and prosperity.

He recalled that there used to be news of large-scale infrastructure projects being canceled in the name of the environment, but today, along with news of the construction of new highways and highways, there are positives related to the environment. I have great news.

He added that news coverage of the tragic train accident is now dwindling, with new-age trains, including the Vandevarat Express, occupying more news space and headlines.

He said Air India, which had previously been in the news for fraud and debt, is now making headlines for carrying out the largest aircraft deal in Indian aviation history.

“India Moment has brought about this positive change through its commitment and performance,” Modi added. (Ani) Prime Minister Modi digs oppa

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