Prime Minister Orban ends talks on government formation

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has finished discussions on the formation of the Prime Minister’s Office, the next cabinet in Hungary. Said..

Orban has formed a new government and has elected ministers to solve the challenges facing the country, said Berthalan Habashi, the prime minister’s office.

“A decade of danger is in front of us,” Orban said earlier, adding that the war in Ukraine seems to have pushed up prices across Europe and caused a serious energy crisis. Meanwhile, he said, the coronavirus pandemic has not completely disappeared.

The following people have been appointed ministerial positions:

  • Zsolt Semjén will continue to serve as Deputy Prime Minister and will serve as Minister of Policy for the Hungarian community abroad, minority, church relations and church diplomacy.
  • István Nagy remains as Minister of Agriculture
  • Schandle Pintel also serves as Minister of the Interior
  • János Lázár oversees a new ministry of construction and investment.
  • Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky takes over the Ministry of Defense.
  • Judit Varga will continue to lead the Ministry of Justice.
  • Janos Chark will lead the new Ministry of Cultural Innovation.
  • Péter Szijjártó is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Antal Rogan will continue to head the Cabinet Office.
  • Gergely Gulyás will continue to lead the Prime Minister’s Office, and Mihaly Varga will continue to lead the Treasury.
  • László Palkovics will lead the Ministry of Technology and Industry, and former central bank governor Martin Nagy will take over the mantle of the Minister of Economic Development.
  • Former European Commission member Tibor Navracsics will lead a new ministry for regional development and utilization of EU funding.

Featured images from Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page

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