Prime Minister Orban: “Europe’s history has entered an era of war.”

European history has entered the “era of war” and people will have to fight for what they have taken for granted, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday on public radio.

“On February 24, no one thought that the war between Ukraine and Russia would mark the end of the era, not just a conflict, and herald a new era of war in European history,” Orbán said. Told the public broadcaster Kossuth Radio.

In addition to the front lines, he said, war is also being fought in the world economy, especially in the European economy, as indicated by rising energy prices.

One “big battle” will be fought for energy resources and living and affordable utilities. He said the other is likely to be a “fight for work” as sanctions and war are driving the European economy into recession. Hungary is still facing a labor shortage, but Orban advised:

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Due to the war, electricity prices have tripled and gas prices have tripled.

Orban asked Brussels to “know that they made a mistake” and to backfire sanctions on Russia. He said sanctions are now hurting Europe more than they are hurting Russia. “They thought that sanctions could shorten the war because weakening Russia has immediate consequences, but the war continues to drag,” he said.

Hungary has gas, but “very high prices”, he said, although some countries will have to face a shortage of energy resources.

The government has announced an energy emergency and has set up a governing body to deal with this situation, led by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Gergely Gulyás. Measures would have to be limited in order to maintain the government’s utility tariff cap, Orburn said. Those who use above average energy in Hungary will have to pay the market price of energy consumed above average. “Or try to limit consumption.” Otherwise, he said, the entire utility price cut plan would be at risk. Left-wing parties have never upheld caps on utility bills, but “we have introduced them … and now we protect them as long as average consumption reaches,” he said.

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Regarding the small business itemized tax (KATA) change that triggered protests in Budapest this week, Orbán said the tax was originally created to provide a simple and manageable tax for small businesses for individual customers. Said that. But companies are using taxes to force employees to work as sole proprietors through KATA, he said. Of the approximately 450,000 KATA taxpayers, approximately 300,000 are now claiming that “most are one company, basically a hidden contract.” “Now there is a war and we need to adopt wartime logic, so we can’t continue this,” he said.

Orban said that the right response to the war situation is cooperation rather than political gain, affecting those affected by the KATA change and households paying capped utility bills these days. Ask them to understand the government’s decision.

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Leftist opposition proved unreliable that they would lead the country during the campaign, Orban said. He said they “sit vaguely” since suffering the defeat, and “try to ride the waves” as soon as the first unpopular measures were introduced. Orban continues these tactics by left-wing opponents using future “measures that may be questioned or controversial” to create a negative atmosphere for political gain. He said it was likely. He added that this was a very bad policy, as the only solution in a war situation is to work together.

He called on KATA taxpayers and households to “understand what is happening” and help the government maintain its operating country, people’s standard of living, work and pension protection.

He also said that military development should be accelerated a couple of times. He added that he would sign the decree in the next few days, giving the military additional resources.

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“We are having problems at the southern border,” he added, “the situation is getting tougher.” In the current situation, using soldiers for border security is a “luxury”, police cannot deal with it on their own, and many have already been transferred to the border from other parts of the country, Orban said. rice field. He added that a decree on the establishment of “border hunter” units could be signed soon this afternoon.

Vivien Benko Cher / MTI / Featured images from the Prime Minister’s press conference Prime Minister Orban: “Europe’s history has entered an era of war.”

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