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Nassau, Bahamas — Sonet 200 Bahamians were yesterday recognized as national heroes for their outstanding contributions to the country.

Sir Cornelius A. Smith, Governor and President of the Society of Honor, presented and presented the National Honor Award at the Baha Mar Convention Center on National Hero Day.

Due to the large number of winners, two ceremonies were held.

Prime Minister Philip Davis said:

“I am truly humbled and grateful for this most auspicious opportunity to honor these outstanding Bahamians for their achievements in shaping the Bahamas and their contributions to the development of the nation.”

Received highest honors – Order of the Bahamas: Philippe Bethel, Companion. Dr. Gale Sanders, companion. Pastor Michael Simonet, Officer. Rupert Roberts Jr., Officer. George Myers, member. Judge Joseph Strachan (Retired), Member. Eleven were posthumously awarded the Order of the Bahamas. Other award categories awarded were Medals and Orders of Merit.

The Prime Minister observed that each of these winners has a unique and significant story woven into the fabric of Bahamian history.

“By looking to the past, we recognize our own strength and draw the courage to move forward toward an uncertain future,” he said.

“Our story is the story of Pompey, an enslaved man who rallied his comrades in a brave display against oppressive power in 1830. After 39 floggings and 192 years, here we sit.” free, sovereign.”

The Prime Minister then referred to some of the defining moments in the history of the Bahamas and the names of pioneers who helped shape and develop the nation.

There was the Burmese road riot of June 1, 1942, demanding fair and equal pay. Sir Linden Pindling, Dame Doris Johnson, Robert Love, Sir Randall Fawkes, Stephen Dillet, Dame Ivey Dumont, Dame Janet Bostwick, Sadie Curtis, Dr. Keba Bethel, Cleveland “Heroes” Spence such as Eneas, Kimbo Slice, Tony McKay, Joseph, Amos Ferguson, Thelma Gibson, Sister Annie Thompson, Anatole Rogers and others.

“They are our heroes,” continued Davis.

“The 200 Bahamians honored today are just a small fraction of the people who helped build this great nation. Some of them, like the four brave Marines who gave their lives to protect the newborn Bahamas 42 years ago, have the courage, tenacity, and fortitude that make them heroes. They serve as a lasting reminder.These awardees stand as steadfast pillars of our community, and today we hold them up as our highest token of appreciation.”

The prime minister praised the foreign minister’s efforts. Fred Mitchell, Loretta Butler Turner, Freddie Mannings, Father Sebastian Campbell, Atama Bowe, the late Terrence Bethel, and all those he deemed essential to making this event possible.

In this vein, he also recognized the San Salvador Honors Committee for organizing and carrying out the Wall of Honor ceremony and banquet last weekend. “This should be replicated across the Bahamas,” he said.

“My government appreciates their leadership, vision and efforts,” he added. Prime Minister Thanked 200 Bahamians for Nation Building – Eye Witness News

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