Prince Albert II Foundation Appoints New Board of Directors

Sally Josel, an expert in linking environmental threats to national, regional and global security, has been appointed Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation Board and announced at the Annual Meeting.

Sally Yozell is Director of the Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program. 29thth April 32nd A board meeting was held at the Yacht Club in Monaco, and in front of Prince Albert, his foundation confirmed her appointment to the board.

“Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation has a long and striking record of advocating for cleaner waters, marine biodiversity and the security of communities at risk of climate change,” said Sally Josel. Says. “I am honored to be on the Board. I look forward to linking the protection of natural resources to the economic, food and environmental safety of coastal regions and countries around the world and contributing to my expertise.”

Her research focuses on the impact of environmental threats on wildlife conservation, marine and climate security, and national, regional and global security. She is a member of the US State Department and has a history of working with the Prince’s Foundation to undertake specific marine conservation efforts during our Marine Conference and the creation of the Ross Sea Reserve in Antarctica.

In addition, during Monaco Ocean Week 2022, Prince Albert II of the Stimson Center and the Monaco Foundation co-sponsored a sea and city conference dedicated to coastal resilience solutions to the effects of climate change, along with a marine climate platform. ..

The Board also confirmed funding for 11 new projects this year in the organization’s priorities. These new projects have been added to more than 720 projects supported by the Foundation over the years, with funding of over € 90 million.

In addition to the General Assembly, Foundation Vice President Olivier Wenden, Executive Director Romane Cialet, Emmanuel Karsa, Director of Management and Finance, and Auditors will provide moral and financial reporting for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Was announced. Prince Albert II Foundation Appoints New Board of Directors

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