Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala has been removed from the 2022 calendar

Monaco’s biggest celebrity charity charity gala, hosted by Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation, will not take place this year, citing the war in Ukraine as a major reason.

An annual event since 2017, it attracts top celebrities from around the world. The Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health has been a staple of the social season since its inception.

Hosted by Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation to support ocean conservation and planetary health, the event included Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Sharon Stone, Robert Redford, Sting, Orlando Bloom, Johnny and more. Mega Star is participating. Depp and Uma Thurman. However, due to an anomalous series of events in 2022, the Foundation has decided that he will not conduct the bash in 2022.

“This year the decision has been taken not to hold the Monte Carlo Gala due to the international crisis. In this context, we thought it would make sense to take a break, at least for this year.” monaco matane“We felt the gala was probably a little too flashy in this difficult international climate.”

Instead of the extravagant gala that attracts the foundation’s largest donation each year, Olivier Wenden said, “A slightly more intimate and private event, held by a philanthropist we appreciate and who supports the foundation. And we’re going to do something else.” It allows us to avoid interruptions in the projects we carry out and keep our promises. “

He revealed that the first “intimate” event will be a Venetian-themed dinner for around 100 patrons at the Hermitage Hotel on one In October, there will be a concert by French singer Mika.

2nd event held on 28thth October in Singapore is the Ocean Ball. It will be organized with the assistance of Jacqueline his Delomedi and his son Jean his Marc to privatize the Marina Bay Sands Hotel showroom, and an auction will be held to fund the project in Asia.

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Photo of the 2021 Monte-Carlo Gala Eric Mutton, Prince’s Palace Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala has been removed from the 2022 calendar

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