Prince Andrew faces off-limits testimony

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The Duke of York was accused by Virginia Robert, an American woman who claimed to have been forced into a close relationship with the royal family when she was a minor. Prince Andrew has consistently denied the accusations and has challenged some of Mrs. Jufre’s allegations.

Prince Andrew Miller reported facing a “no-go” deposit of seeing him answer embarrassing questions. Outlet spoke with Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer representing the victims of US financial firm Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with operating a minor sexual trafficking network in 2019. Life and private parts.

“If a minor girl could explain what the private part of the Duke of York would look like … what if they didn’t have a relationship?” Spencer Kubin asked.

He added that as Prince Andrew mentioned his family, senior members of the royal family, including Prince Andrew’s mother, may be asked to testify in court while discussing the issue in an interview with the BBC. ..

“He mentioned his wives and daughters. They can now all be legally testified. Lawyers can even try for the Queen. They will definitely do that, As a sovereign, that would be almost impossible, “said the lawyer.

Earlier this year, Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed Prince Andrew’s bid to dismiss his civil proceedings and ruled that his whistleblower Virginia Robert’s allegations were “legally sufficient.” I gave it. This means that the case will be brought to justice and is scheduled for late 2022.

“Mrs. Jufre’s complaint is neither” incomprehensible “,” ambiguous “or” ambiguous “,” the judge said.

Earlier, Prince Andrew’s lawyer claimed that Mrs. Juffle’s proceedings were unconstitutional and that the settlement with Jeffrey Epstein protected the royal family from liability.

What is your claim to Prince Andrew?

Virginia Robert (Former surname Roberts) is one of the victims of US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with running a minor sexual trafficking network in 2019. Prostitution, but a generous punishment thanks to a petition.

Epstein had many friends, including Prince Andrew, former US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell Girls and young women groomed for financial firms, offering them jobs as masseurs at billionaire homes. That’s how Robert got to work for Epstein.

The three mothers were trafficked to London (17 is not a minor) at the age of 17, which is considered a minor in most states of the United States, and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. Claims to have been. After being introduced to the royal family at a nightclub, the four headed to Maxwell’s mansion. The royal family is reportedly sleeping with the girl.

Jufre also claims that the Duke of York had sex with her on two other separate occasions without her consent. The woman filed charges in the 2010s, but the case only attracted attention in 2019 after Epstein’s arrest.

That same year, Prince Andrew interviewed the BBC, explaining his relationship with Epstein and trying to answer allegations made to him. The royal family categorically denied the accusation. He claimed to have had an alibi for the alleged day of sexual intercourse in London-he went to PizzaExpress with one of his daughters.

The Duke also claimed that he had never met the suspicious Jufre, as he had at least one photo showing his royal status with the girl behind Ghislaine Maxwell (he was a doctor). Claims that it may have been). The two also claim to have seen him with Jufureh at a nightclub and Epstein’s private island. There, it is believed that a financier and his strong friends sexually abused girls and women. Prince Andrew faces off-limits testimony

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