Prince co-sponsors the Blue Climate Summit

Prince Albert II will co-sponsor the Blue Climate Summit in French Polynesia this month. This event aims to accelerate marine-related solutions to climate change.

When it comes to making positive changes to the environment, Albert II has a commitment that is second to none. His latest efforts include the first BlueClimateSummit initiated by the BlueClimateInitiative, which will be held from Up to 20th in May.

This global event aims to advance marine utilization solutions to combat climate change. The summit will be centered around six missions to help guide action, collaboration and commitment, including climate change mitigation, marine conservation, CO2 removal, a healthy blue community, sustainable tourism and improved understanding of the ocean. increase.

Another focus of the event is to revitalize the Task Force, launch key announcements, present impact investing opportunities, and provide Pacific Islanders with an international forum to lead action on marine and climate issues. It will be.

In addition to Prince, more than 200 scientists, innovators, policy makers, business and financial experts, community leaders, environmental and youth activists will work this week on marine and climate strategies.

During the summit, President Edouard Frich of French Polynesia will present $ 1 million to the winners of the BCI Ocean Innovation Awards.

On the final day, a public Ocean Aid Concert will be held on the waterfront to bring together international and local artists to raise public awareness and encourage action.

This event is a “climate change positive net zero event” where all participants do everything possible to offset emissions, minimize impacts as much as possible, and at least 1,800 tonnes of CO2. Invest $ 200,000 directly in a project to offset. It is estimated to be more than double the total footprint of the summit of the week.




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