Prince Harry and the Duchess “Not Seen Between Jubilee” It’s about the Queen, not the drama

Serbia sang about Megan during the Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest was held last night, and the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra won the contest.

Meanwhile, Megan Markle received a scream that was unlikely to be a singing contest.

The Serbian track “Incorporesano” by the singer’s constructor mentions the Duchess on the opening line, but that is just the beginning of its hidden meaning.

In the dark and ominous beats of the song, the lyrics in question are translated as follows: “What’s the secret of Megan Markle’s healthy hair? What can happen? I think deep hydration is everything. They say our skin and hair show it all.”

At a press conference in Turin, Konstrakta explained that the song is partly intended to reflect the “confusion” that people can feel about their health.

She states: “We are all a little confused because of this wonderful area of ​​information that offers many opposite ways for health. There is a great area of ​​consumption behind it, and today a lot for health. I’m spending money.

“This is a really multi-layered song. You have to read the lyrics to understand the meaning, and you can read it in different ways.”

The title of the Latin song is a saying that translates to “healthy body, healthy mind.”

Konstrakta explains: We are very focused on a healthy body, and in a sense, the mind is suffering. On the other hand, this field of mental health is another field of open consumption. “

“In a sense, we live in that atmosphere, so today everyone is obsessed with a healthy life,” she added.

So there’s a hidden meaning in the track that you might not immediately understand, but when you listen to the lyrics again, it’s an opening line aimed at parodying the media’s obsession with celebrities.

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