Princess Caroline’s dog Shishi found at the spa

The Princess of Hanover reunited with her dog at Salon-de-Provence on Wednesday, April 27th.

It’s okay. Shishi lost his way in Saint-Remy-de-Provence near the Princess’s house. Fortunately, Salon-de-Provence SPA captured the wandering Picardy Blue Spaniel, took her to her storage and took care of her.

Princess Caroline is ready Pick up Shishi immediately from SPAThe spotlight is on the important role played by animal protection groups.

Local charity, SpSa, difficult

Like many French animal protection groups, Monaco’s SpSa (Save Protect Support Animals) is reaching its limits. SpSa has nothing to do with SPA, but its mission is to protect the animals of the Principality.

With an unpaid veterinary invoice of € 7,500, the association is at risk of having to stop working and will not be able to save the lives of sick, abandoned and cruel animals. ..

For the time being, it is the volunteers of the organization who are responsible for the costs. Therefore, charities are calling for donations to continue their activities.

If you want to help SpSa, Donate directly with Paypal, credit card, or check..

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