Principality’s free bus, ‘nice idea, but too many people’

While seemingly good news for residents, employees and tourists of the Principality of Monaco, the measure has created some problems, especially in terms of passenger numbers.

From October 3rd, originally until November 27th, now extended to January 2nd, the principality’s buses are free (7 daytime routes, 2 nighttime routes, Port Taxi Shuttle ). The government’s stated goal is to get people to discover or rediscover this mode of transport, make it more widely used, and ultimately reduce road traffic and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s it.

Most readers consider this a good move, but others, like Aurore, are skeptical. However, there are too many people for the number of buses, especially during peak hours when school is over. Boulevard des Moulins is a nightmare. I’m disabled and it’s impossible to sit with all the kids and it’s a real hassle to get off!”

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Sylvain also regrets the surge since bus travel became free.

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What is the impact on traffic?

We’ll have to wait until the scheme ends to measure the impact on traffic, but some users, like this reader, have already told us they gave up driving and took the bus instead. The service is now free, so I hope it will continue.” Others haven’t noticed a big difference for the time being.

“I get the impression that they dragged pedestrians onto the bus,” says Gregory, and Laurent, like many others, hopes the free service continues. on,” he says.

Unfortunately, the price of the operation is €695,000 for 2 months (including communication campaigns) and we have no plans to continue. The purpose is to initiate a change in people’s habits. Principality’s free bus, ‘nice idea, but too many people’

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