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Pro-saddle protesters attack Iraqi parliament over nomination of prime minister

Demonstrators were protesting the recent nomination of Mohammed al-Sudani as an official candidate for a coalition led by Iran-backed Shiite parties and their allies.

Demonstrators were protesting Mohammed Arsdani’s recent selection as an official candidate for the Iran-backed Shiite party and its allies-led coalition of coordinating framework blocks. (Ahmed Saad / Reuters)

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters have violated Baghdad’s parliament in protest of the election of a candidate for prime minister by an Iran-backed political party.

Demonstrators on Wednesday protested Mohammed Arsdani’s recent nomination as an official candidate for the Iran-backed Shiite party and its allies-led coalition of coordination framework blocks.

The majority of the protesters were followers of the influential Shiite priest Muktadar al-Saddle.

The demonstrators were all male and were seen walking on the parliamentary table, sitting in parliamentary chairs and waving the Iraqi flag. Some had portraits of priests.

There were no lawmakers, and only security forces were inside the building, and they seemed to allow protesters to enter relatively easily.

This is the biggest protest since the federal elections in October, and the second time Saddle has taken advantage of this month’s ability to mobilize the masses to send messages to political rivals.

At the beginning of July, thousands of people listened to his call for public prayer. Events that many were afraid of will turn into protests.

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“Get out on the sword!”

The parliamentary raid provided a tacit warning to the Framework Party about the escalations that could come if the government commanded Al Soudani.

Early Wednesday, demonstrators broke through the highly fortified Green Zone in Baghdad.

The riot police used water cannons to repel demonstrators pulling down the cement blast wall. However, many broke the gates to the area, where government buildings and foreign embassies are located.

The demonstrators walked the main roads of the zone, with dozens of people gathering outside the Capitol door.

The riot police gathered at the front door. Demonstrators flocked around the two entrances to the Green Zone, scaling the cement wall and chanting, “Sudani, out!”

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadimi called for calm and restraint, and protesters called for an “immediate withdrawal” from the region.

Al-Sudani was elected by state law leader and former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Political parties must first elect a president before Al Sudani faces parliament to formally win a seat as prime minister nomination.

Sadr’s block won 73 seats in last year’s elections, making it the largest faction in the 329-seat parliament.

He won most of the seats in the October federal elections, but after failing to lock in enough parliamentarians to win the majority needed to elect the next president of Iraq. The government formation negotiations have ended.

The framework leaders pushed the formation of the next government by changing parliamentarians.

Many who are afraid to do so also open the door to street protests organized by the large grassroots follow-up and instability of the saddle.

His followers attacked the Green Zone in a similar manner in 2016 and entered the Capitol to demand political reforms.

Who is Mohammad Al Saddle?

The saddle has long been a US enemy who also opposes Iran’s influence in Iraq.

His block victory in the 2018 elections is noteworthy for Saddle, who has been on the sidelines for years by Iran-backed rivals and considered an unpredictable maverick by U.S. and Iraqi officials. It was considered a worthy resurrection.

He dismissed the Shiites, downplayed the Sunnis, and reached out to regain ties with Sunni neighbors while keeping Iran away.

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