Problems installing the Oslo T-Bane extension on Fornebu

Two years after construction began, the new Fornebu line suffered delays and financial problems. Here’s what you need to know:

Oslo’s public transport users celebrated in 2020 when the work to expand the T-Bane (metro) to Fornebu finally began. But now that optimism has turned into frustration.

Majorstuen is the starting point for the new Fornebrine. Photo: Mads Nygard /

The planned end date of the project is already two years behind, and the budget is rapidly out of control.

This issue raises questions about the future of the project. Emergency meetings are currently planned to make plans in the coming weeks.

Forne Brine Plan

After more than 20 years of debate, politicians Final agreement Expand the subway system to Fornebu in 2019. The 8.2km long line from Majorstuen to Forneb is Oslo Metro Expansion In the coming decades.

There are six new metro stations in Skøyen, Vækerø, Lysaker, Fornebuporten, Flytårnet and Fornebu Senter, and the existing station in Majorstuen is being redeveloped.

Aerial view of Forneb, Oslo

Forneb A rapidly developing suburb of commercial and residential buildings on the site of Oslo Airport. But with a crowded commuter bus, many commuters choose to drive there instead.

Project problem

Currently, the future of flagship projects is questioned due to rising costs and long delays.

The original plan was to open the Forneb line in 2027, but it has already been extended to 2029. Meanwhile, costs jumped from NOK 18.5 billion to NOK 23.2 billion.

Many critics say they do not have enough experience within the public authorities that manage the project. Also, the line crosses the county border between Oslo and Akershus, and politicians frequently clash over projects.

Stortinget station of Oslo T-Bane metro system. Photo: Michael715 /
Stortinget station in Oslo. Photo: Michael715 /

Oslo politicians argue that the project should continue as planned, but other politicians have different ideas. Some want to stop the project altogether, while others want to shorten the route that runs only between Majorstuen and Lysaker.

Others are looking for ways to fund the increased costs. As with stopping other transportation projects, significant increases in road tolls have been proposed. Others want the government to intervene to close the fiscal gap.

“We’re a little smart. We’ll consider all the options and all the opportunities to save money,” says Sirin Hellvin Stav. Dagsavisen.. She is an Oslo city council member responsible for the environment and transportation.

“There is an opportunity to save money by removing some planned stations. Of course, you have to take that into account. But unless the truck is significantly less valuable to the city, it will cut the station. You can’t, “she added.

Jernbanetorget in Oslo
Jernbanetorget in Oslo, Norway.

There may be a lot of noise coming from Oslo in the coming weeks. This is because a series of emergency meetings are planned to discuss future directions. Take a look at this space!

Oslo public transport

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.Population growth puts pressure Oslo public transportTherefore, a series of improvements are planned.

New tram In recent years, tram lines have been constructed and a series of improvements to the subway system are underway. In addition to the Forneb line, the most notable project is the new city center tunnel.

The tunnel will run from Majorstuen to Toen, just like the original tunnel. However, it will provide passenger connections to the original tunnel of Stortinget station via the new stations of Bislett and Grünerløkka (by Nybrua). Problems installing the Oslo T-Bane extension on Fornebu

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