(Profile) Candidate Land Chief Leads Yun Campaign Accusation Against Rival Development Scandal

Seoul, April 10 (Yonhap News Agency)-Former President Won Hee-ryong, who was appointed as the first Minister of State, is under election. Candidate’s main rivals.

Born in Jeju Island in 1964 and participated in short-term politics as a prosecutor from 1995 to 1998, Wong won a seat in the then Conservative Grand National Party in 2000 and attended parliament for the second consecutive term. bottom.

Wong, a party reformer, ran for the party’s primary in 2007 and finished third. After that, he studied as a visiting researcher at Cambridge University in the UK and Peking University in China.

He won the Jeju Governor’s election in 2014 and returned to politics, winning his next term in 2018. After finishing fourth in the People Power Party’s presidential primary last year, he joined Yun’s campaign as a policymaker.

During the election, Mr. Wong was recognized for leading the Yun campaign attack on a scandal over a housing complex development project in Seongnam, a candidate for president of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan Lee Jae-myung. rice field. He was accused of being involved.

After the election, Mr. Wong joined the transition committee as the planning chairman. It is believed that he is familiar with the presidential election policy and vision of relaxing various real estate-related regulations introduced during the Moon Jae-in administration.

Mr. Wong’s priority as a candidate for Minister of State is to “stabilize the housing situation for the low-income and middle class,” allowing younger generations who have lost their dreams to dream again for a better future. He said it was to do so. (Profile) Candidate Land Chief Leads Yun Campaign Accusation Against Rival Development Scandal

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