profile.Kebin Billiards in love with short life

Kebin Billiards, a florist and decorator of the Prince’s Palace in Monaco for over three years, is already one of the best in his field. At just 27 years old, he was recently selected as the florist of the French deputy champion and rewarded his immense and deep-rooted passion for the profession that inspired him from an early age.

It’s like a sand castle that is swept away by the waves. Or an ice sculpture that melts with the heat of the sun’s rays. The beauty of the present, ephemeral or futureless.

“I love ephemeral things,” Kebin Billiards told us at a restaurant in the location of Palais. “What matters to me is that single short moment that makes us” awesome, “whether it’s a festive moment or a sad moment in life. “

Desire for competition

To capture the moment and leave an impression, wipe the slate clean and start over, which is the motto of the lover who decorates this flower and table. He quickly acquired a reception hobby thanks to his grandparents.They had this gift to go out everything when they were entertaining. It was they who inherited this art of aesthetics to me. “

Born in a lush and idyllic environment on the shores of Lake Annecy, Kebin Billiards grew up in Var near Luluk. A childhood with a green space for a background that shaped his mind and sharpened his artistic sensitivity.

What matters to me is that single short moment that makes us “wow”, whether it’s a festive moment or a sad moment in life.

Kebin Billiards

“I still have that need for nature,” he says. “I’m fortunate to be able to live in a green area not far from the city center of Nice. I have to switch between urban and rural settings.”

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It was the French Riviera that Kebin Billiards took off professionally. He is a graduate of a prestigious hotel school in Cannes and is also taught by Floristry experts. The young florist trolled the store after trying the stadium.I love the challenge! »»

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After graduating, Kebin Billiards was immediately fascinated by the competition. True “revelation”“For him. After finishing 8th in the first national final of 2015, the short-lived virtuoso finished 4th in the 2018 European Championship.

Excellence, serving the prince’s palace

Promising achievements not overlooked: “My school told me that the prince’s palace was looking for an artisan florist. The interview went very well.I started during the holiday celebrations in December 2018. “

It is an honor to be able to walk through these drawing rooms that have shaped history every morning.

Kebin Billiards

As part of a team of 125 craftsmen, all of them excel in their respective fields. Kebin Billiards is one of the two florist in the Principality of Monaco, responsible for design and events.

Kebin Billiards 2 minutes
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“Every morning, I’m honored to be able to walk through these drawing rooms that shaped history,” he says. “We make sure the arrangements are sound and there are no problems at night.” Most of the flowers come from local producers. Albert II’s strong desire: “We are trying to develop the local market as much as possible.”

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I was convinced he would remain a florist for the rest of the day His life was, “I really found my profession.“”Kebin Billiards has set himself as a major goal in the coming years: to participate in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition.“”But I take the time, “he adds. Patience, a matter of principle. profile.Kebin Billiards in love with short life

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