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Bahamas, Nassau-Businessman Sir Franklin Wilson says the $ 200 million promised development in South Eleutera is showing signs of progress, even if the project isn’t going fast enough for Prime Minister Phillip Davis. Said yesterday.

Davis has suggested this week that he is not happy with the progress of the project. His comment came six months after the signing event of the head of the agreement for the redevelopment of the Cotton Bay Club.

Davis told reporters last week in a meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez that billionaire Luis Carlos Sarmient had expressed disappointment at failing to fulfill his promise to redevelop the Cotton Bay Club. ..

He said the President of Colombia had promised to visit the Bahamas next month and bring a millionaire to start development.

The redevelopment of Cotton Bay has been underway for many years, spanning the announcements of multiple governments and several consensus leaders.

In December, a partnership was signed between Cotton Bay Holdings Limited and the Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand to redevelop the property.

Sir Franklin Wilson.

Sir Franklin, head of development for the adjacent Jacks Bay, yesterday suggested that work could be underway behind the scenes.

“The prime minister has expressed his personal view, and he is the prime minister, and obviously he can do that,” he said.

“Our development is adjacent to what is being done by Salmient. He knows he is making progress, so he is happy to be doing things. I can understand why the prime minister wants to be faster. That’s his role as the prime minister of the country. He wants to see things happen faster, but unfortunately the development process is what it is. ..

When asked what progress has been made so far, Wilson said: There is a lot of research to be done when you are building a golf course.

“These things aren’t that simple and simple. You may not be able to see everything that’s happening, it’s not that visible. There are so many that the Prime Minister wants to see more. I understand that, but from our point of view as a developer, our sense is that things are happening.

Wilson believes that Prime Minister’s comments are unlikely to shake Salmient from development.

“I don’t know, my feeling is a sophisticated world-class businessman. I don’t think they allow this to affect their business. I’m surprised.”

When asked what the government could do to move development forward, Wilson reiterated his view that the problems plagued South Eleutera’s development began years ago.

“The South Eleuthera issue has been created for decades. I repeat. The prime minister who caused it knows who he is. This is not yesterday’s story, but today’s story. Nor is it. It has been created over the years and shows that it is important to ensure that all governments always do what they can to really encourage development. The plight of the recent vintage South Eleutera, that’s the point I want to emphasize, “he said.

In December, Wilson criticized former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s policies in the 1990s, accusing him of inadequate development of Cotton Bay.

The Ingraham administration has rejected Salmient’s offer to buy significant land from the Franklin Wilson Group.

Ingraham explained the decision in December, stating: development. “ Progress in South Eleuthera Development – ​​Eye Witness News

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