Projection directed at the Moscow Embassy’s target “US guards”

According to the video, a projection appeared in front of the US embassy in Moscow blaming the United States overnight for children killed in the Donbus area of ​​eastern Ukraine. share According to Russian state media.

“The blood of the children of Donbus is in the hands of the American warmongers,” read one of the projected images.

The creator of the video, unnamed by the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency, told the outlet that it timed the forecast for Children’s Day, which will be celebrated throughout the former Soviet block on June 1.

“Today we remember the children of Donbus killed by the Ukrainian Nazis with the support of the American Warmonger,” said Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine “blaming and demilitarizing” the country. The predictions read, referring to President Vladimirputin’s allegations that it was an attempt to do so.

The overnight forecast was followed by a slide show and a list of 20 children estimated to have died during a battle between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces in eastern Ukraine since 2014. ..

united nations Estimate From the spring of 2014 to the second half of 2021, the Donbas conflict killed 152 children and killed a total of 3,400 civilians.

Also I believe At least 264 children have been killed since Russia began invading Ukraine for three months in late February. Projection directed at the Moscow Embassy’s target “US guards”

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