Promote a more authentic Bahamas business on Bay Street

As tourism recovers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Aviation and Investment Chester Cooper said his ministry is aiming to push more authentic Bahamian products and businesses into the downtown area.

Cooper, along with Tourism Ministry management, toured the downtown area yesterday to talk to vendors and tourists, and is offered at major entry points for millions of tourists visiting the Bahamas each year. I checked the product.

“We’re seeing a lot of rebounds and a lot of activity in the harbor. Some days we have six ships. Many days we have more than 20,000 passengers a day, so it’s an exciting time now. I hope this continues. We see new products from the cruise line. For the past eight months we have welcomed five or six new vessels that want to call at Nassau Harbor. This is our economy, Very good for our passengers, and most importantly for our vendors. It’s a significant economic impact for our country. This is the driving force and people may not be directly employed by the tourism industry. No, but they benefit from those who are directly employed by the tourism industry, “he said.

“So we are driving a lot of business. We want to see new entrepreneurs and help them further organize. The need for tourists to come back and be attracted. We want them to help us create a sensational experience. We will work through Tourism Development Corporation to drive some of these initiatives. “

After being unable to make a living for more than 20 months, straw market sellers and other sellers returned to Bay Street in November.

“I wanted to come to check the vendors. It was a difficult time to get out of COVID, so I hope the level of activity we are listening to will benefit as a result of the tourism boom. I wanted to know what was really reflected in the homes of those who are. I am happy with what I have seen so far. Seeing the spectacular development of the harbor at Prince George Wharf before Many of the evacuated vendors were previously dissatisfied with their evacuation, I was happy to see many of them settled and they were making money, they were developing a new port I’m looking forward to it. “

“But in the meantime, they can feed their families, send their children to school, meet all their needs, and even send their children to college as a result of their money. They make.

He continued. “We are aware that there are some things we need to do in this area. We will continue to do everything we can to improve our products and experience. Same as the exit from the port. It’s as easy as you can go out and ask for a taxi.

“There is an emotional element in our behavior. We just didn’t want to see it. We wanted to feel it. Some adjustments were needed and some We know that some adjustments are needed for the vendors and there are more welcome areas. “ Promote a more authentic Bahamas business on Bay Street

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