Proposals to revive the agricultural sector have been announced

Ifam Nizam

The Ministry of Agriculture has handed over a proposal, including an action plan for the revival of the agricultural sector, to Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation.

Also attended were Rohana Pushpakumara, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ajantha de Silva, Director-General of Agriculture, and its directors representing their respective departments.

The focus of the proposal is on importing chemical fertilizers and organic farming, increasing domestic rice production, promoting the cultivation of indigenous crops for export, implementing measures to meet national vegetable and fruit demands, agricultural research. Development prioritization, and other agricultural inputs.

The proposal also deals with many other issues, such as misuse of pesticides and fertilizers.

The proposal consists of 11 short-term plans to boost agriculture.

At this event, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera promised to make a proposal aimed at increasing the income of the agricultural community without delay and to create a season for Yarra and the next season for Maha. I requested. success. “We need to succeed in the current Yarra and the next Maha season. The country’s economy depends on the stability of the agricultural sector.

The Secretary of Agriculture handed over the relevant proposal to the Minister. Proposals to revive the agricultural sector have been announced

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