Prosecutor demands Jack Fenton’s toxicology results and removes the privacy of his phone

An Athens prosecutor investigating a helicopter case in which British citizen Jack Fenton discovered a tragic death demanded the results of a toxicological examination of the victim’s blood and the removal of privacy on his cell phone. increase.

Athens District Attorney Ioakim Kasotakis is looking for important information about the cause of the fatal tragedy of 22-year-old Jack Fenton, who was hit by a rear propeller of a civilian helicopter at a spata heliport on Monday afternoon. West Athens.

It was the prosecutor who ordered a preliminary investigation into the helicopter’s fatal accident and released the helicopter pilot and two ground engineers without bringing in criminals. price.

When getting off the helicopter, the three were responsible for the safety of the four passengers, as specified in the aviation procedure.

according to News website libre, The case file did not include statements from about 10 witnesses who were hoping for a new helicopter flight at the Elefterios Venizeros airport, as well as an autopsy report by the prosecutor, so there were three prosecutors. He did not immediately file a criminal complaint against the arrested person.

Prosecutor Kasotakiss demanded declassification of the victim’s cell phone and the results of a blood toxicological test.

The prosecution is also waiting for the results of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission’s investigation into the cause of the tragedy.

He is also looking for footage from security cameras outside the helicopter passenger lounge. The camera is said to simply act as a “surveillance” without recording any images or sounds.

The prosecutor will be informed of the process of the investigation, and once the investigation is complete, a helicopter pilot and two ground engineers will issue a statement without trial on manslaughter and flight safety law violations. Brings criminal accusations.

The accident occurred on Monday after 6 pm at a heliport in the Agios Gladius district of Spata.

With these friends, the victims returned to Athens by two helicopters from Mykonos. They planned to go to Venizelos Airport and then return to England by private jet.

However, during the landing on the heliport and under circumstances revealed as part of the preliminary investigation. Fenton approaches the rear propeller of the helicopter and he is fatally injured (KTG Report July 25)..

Following safety procedures, passengers must disembark from the helicopter rotor with a ground technician responsible for safely escorting them.

So what happened at Spata’s heliport on Monday?

At least one of the arrested men reportedly told police that while the passengers were getting off the helicopter, the young man left the escort with fellow passengers and approached the helicopter to take a selfie on his cell phone. Has been done.

However, speaking to the Daily Mail, a fatally injured person at his company denied the allegations, even complaining that safety procedures were not followed.

The victim’s sister, 20, who wasn’t in Athens, told British media that her selfie claim was “garbage.” It was Jack’s first flight on a helicopter and no one told them what to do or not to do, her sister said.

So far, it forms what is leaking when the media collides. Some of his friends are said to have said they were already escorted to the lounge when Jack was talking on the phone on his way to the helicopter.

Mega tv On Wednesday evening, Jack Fenton reported getting off the right door of the helicopter and staff escorting him to the safety lounge. However, while 20 meters away from the helicopter, he began to return, trying to sneak under the helicopter’s tail, and the propeller on the left dismantled him.

The secure disembarkation protocol requires the pilot to ask the passengers to stay in the cabin until the propellers stop moving. Prosecutor demands Jack Fenton’s toxicology results and removes the privacy of his phone

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