Protest against legalization of same-sex marriage and adoption

Ljubljana – A conservative coalition of NGOs defending traditional family rights voted to reform family law to legalize gay marriage and adoption, in line with a recent landmark Constitutional Court decision. , held a protest in front of the National Assembly on Tuesday. .

Protesters argued that the Constitutional Court’s decision was not in line with the Constitution. They designated it as scandalous, unjust and ideologically motivated.

Protesters chanted, “Adoption is not a human right,” “Auntie, you are not my daddy. Uncle, you are not my mother,” and “Rainbow family = father + mother + child.”

The protest features the organizations behind three referendums that rejected amendments to the Family Law currently being passed, and also joins the anti-abortion protests.

They are closely associated with the Conservative Party and some opposition politicians, including Democratic Rep. (SDS), were in the crowd today.

One of the movement’s ringleaders, Aresh Primuk, accused the National Assembly of thinking it could “destroy the love” of mothers and fathers.

He also criticized left-wing leader Luka Mesek, who now heads the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity, as a “fox in the chicken coop”.

“Mesek should never be a minister of family. decided to change the basic relationship between

Protesters were picketed by a handful of LGBT+ activists cordoned off by police. Protest against legalization of same-sex marriage and adoption

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