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Protest in Sudan after military crackdown

Khartoum residents continued to protest the Sudanese junta on the streets after security forces cracked down on the rally and several people died.

The demonstrators arrived within hundreds of meters from Khartoum’s presidential residence, the headquarters of General Abdelfatta Albahan, before military, police and paramilitary organizations fired multiple tear gas containers into the crowd. (AFP)

Sudanese democratic demonstrators blocked the streets of Khartoum, killing five people and causing criticism in protest of the violence a day ago.

Protesters barricaded the road on Friday in the eastern Khartoum district of Buri and nearby Khartoum North using rocks, tree branches and tires.

Sudan has been in turmoil since military leader General Abdel Fatta Albahan began a coup on October 25 and detained Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

Hamdock revived on November 21, but large-scale protests continue as demonstrators distrust Barhan’s promise to lead the country to full democracy.

Security forces suppressed demonstrations as authorities blocked national communications on Thursday, firing live ammunition and tear gas as tens of thousands gathered in Khartoum, Khartoum North, and nearby Omdurman.

Four protesters were deadly shot dead in Omdurman, and a fifth succumbed to his wounds on Friday after being shot dead in central Khartoum, according to the Commission on Democratization Promotion.

Protesters justify the deal to revive Hamdock to the general accusing him of trying to continue the regime built by former dictatorship Omar al-Bashir, who collapsed in 2019 following a major protest. He accuses him of simply aiming to give him a sexual cloak.

Abdel Khader, a civilian recently appointed by the ruling Sovereign Council of Nouvelle, has announced his intention to resign on Friday.

He said he sent a message to Barhan’s office requesting a meeting “to present him with my resignation of violence against demonstrators.”

“International solidarity”

Two journalists from Saudi Arabia’s Asharq television channel, Maha al Talb and Sally Othman, were released after hours of detention, the channel said on Friday.

Police also attacked a station on the Al Arabiya television network funded by Saudi Arabia, which is considered a traditional ally of Sudanese military leaders.

Violence and attacks on the media have caused widespread criticism.

After the incident on Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was deeply distressed by reports that “Sudanese security forces used deadly forces against protesters to block the Internet and shut down the press. I’m tweeting. “

The Medical Commission has accused security forces of blocking the ambulance and forcibly removing at least one seriously injured protester from the ambulance.

There are videos on social media showing a man beating a protester with a stick.

The Communist Party of Sudan called for “urgent international solidarity calling for the end of the bloody crackdown in Sudan and the immediate release of all political detainees.”

Protesters said the military’barracks, as promised in 2019, when Bashir collapsed and the country was placed under the control of the Sovereign Council, an organization of both civilian and military personnel led by Barhan. “Return to” has been renewed.

A police spokesman said Thursday’s mayhem killed four people and injured 297 “including 49 police officers.”

He also accused protesters of “three police vans were fired” and “tried to turn a peaceful procession into a conflict between violence and security forces.”

Barhan’s adviser told the state news agency on Friday that “demonstrations are a waste of time and energy” and will not lead to a political solution.

Violent crackdowns since the October coup killed 53 people and injured hundreds.

Source: AFP

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