Protesters urge the new government to offer Assange asylum

Ljubljana – Approximately 100 people gather outside the office tower that houses the British Embassy in Ljubljana on Wednesday to support WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and protest a decision by a British court to allow him to be handed over to the United States. bottom. Protesters urged the future government of Slovenia to offer Assange’s political asylum.

Prior to the rally, bicycle protesters released a press release on Friday, and Assange’s fate will be shared by all journalists, publishers, editors, whistleblowers, etc. who disclose criminal acts committed by the government in the future. I said it would be.

Protesters blamed “investigative journalism, whistleblowers, and persecution of protests” and sought freedom from those punished for acting on “actions that should never happen.” They called for Assange’s immediate release.

Amnesty Slovenija’s Metka Naglič said the delivery of Assange to the United States would set a dangerous precedent. “If the UK Government allows foreign countries to exercise criminal jurisdiction outside their territory and prosecute persons who publish in the UK, other countries will use such legal proceedings to imprison journalists and border them. You can silence the media far from you, “she said.

The rally was also addressed by President Tanya Tuma of the Slovenian PEN Center. Tanya Tuma has appealed to Priti Patel, the British Home Secretary, to prevent Assange from being handed over.

Protesters asked whether Assange, with the exception of the SAB Party, would offer asylum to those who answered questions from the Voice of the People initiative in a debate prior to the April 24 general election in Slovenia. He said he answered affirmatively when he was asked. Abstention.

“We call on all these politicians to take responsibility for the pre-election statement and appeal to the British Embassy and colleagues for immediate release from Assange’s prison,” they said.

A court in London in April officially approved Assange’s delivery to the United States on suspicion of espionage. Home Secretary Pretty Patel will make the final decision. If she confirms her delivery, Assange’s lawyer can appeal to the High Court. In March, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom dismissed the appeal against Assange’s delivery. Protesters urge the new government to offer Assange asylum

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