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Proven Robotics Opens First Robotics Training Center in Saudi Arabia

Proven Robotics has announced the opening of its first robotics and technology service center in Riad, Saudi Arabia. The new service center will help customers enhance their strategic sales and reach their technical goals while benefiting from end-to-end local support and expertise in robotics and advanced technology.

The new facility will offer a wide range of services, including providing customers with original spare parts, on-site troubleshooting, in-house maintenance by a technically certified team, and robot installation and configuration.

“GCC has made great strides in adapting and deploying robotic solutions in line with government blueprints such as Saudi Vision 2030, but after-maintenance remains a challenge in the region, and most robot hardware It is now being returned to that country. The origin of the service, “said Zaid Al Mashari, Principal of Proven Robotics.

“The concept of robots and humans working together is rapidly becoming a new norm,” Al Mashari added. “The opening of a service center will meet long-standing customer demands for improved after-service response times, meet market needs for advanced technical solutions and training, and enhance the expertise of human resources within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

With the new service center, Proven Robotics will continue to grow and expand its technical and support teams. The facility supports not only local partners and suppliers, but also company customers. We will continue to establish global partnerships with world leaders in the robot manufacturing industry to ensure increased efficiency and support for automated systems to continue to function at optimal performance levels.

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https://gulfbusiness.com/proven-robotics-opens-first-robotics-training-centre-in-saudi-arabia/ Proven Robotics Opens First Robotics Training Center in Saudi Arabia

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