“Prowler” – Eye Witness News killed by police in a stakeout in eastern NP

Nassau, Bahamas — Police shot and killed a suspect who tried to disarm police officers earlier this morning during a stakeout in eastern New Providence.

Director Audrey Peters said there were many complaints from residents of the Yamaklau Hill Road area.

He said this led police to carry out an operation to place police officers on property located on the coastline of the area.

Police reportedly observed the “cultivator” of the property, which allegedly operated the vehicle door just before 2 am.

“They confronted the suspect, but there was a dispute between one of the police officers and the suspect,” Peters said in a statement.

“During the struggle, the suspect tried to disarm the policeman. His partner, fearing the lives of both of them, manufactured his service weapon and released it to the suspect who injured him. . “

The statement states: “Emergency medical services visited the scene and, as a result of their evaluation, determined that there were no signs of life. Coroner visited the scene and was evaluated for the facts. “

Police will wait for a formal identification by a close relative to confirm the man’s identity, and when the investigation is complete, the police will send the file to a coroner for an inquest, Peters said.

He added that this stake represents an organizationally targeted approach to suspicious individuals and groups in a particular community.

“Some of them are maintaining peace, disrupting criminal activity, arresting and prosecuting criminals,” he read the press statement. “Prowler” – Eye Witness News killed by police in a stakeout in eastern NP

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