PSD Minister Adrian Chesnoy accused of abuse of power, DNA demands waiver of exemption – Romanian Journal

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Klin Boroga, chief prosecutor of the National Security Agency (DNA), has called on the agent’s office to lift the immunity of Adrian Chesnoiu, Ortho’s PSD adjutant, who has accused the prosecutor of abusing the suspect’s authority. I requested. Rigging for some employment contests.

More precisely, anti-corruption prosecutors have instigated Adrian Chesnoy’s abuse of duties and permission of information that will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons, in terms of gaining unfair benefits. Blame

According to DNA, between February 9th and April 11th, 2022, Minister Chesnoiu told a colleague (a trusted person of the minister) a leading counselor, service manager and vice-director in a written examination within the contest. , Fill vacant seats on the board of directors of some county boards.

“These subjects then reached four” approved “candidates. Of these, only three passed each contest after the written and oral exams. With the minister’s direct intervention, in the case of one of the candidates, a member of the committee would have had to promote him in a situation where he did not get the proper score. As a result of this approach, the person has been appointed to be responsible for the service and has earned 33,782 lei salaries so far.DNA insists.

Adrian Chesnoiu is Ortho’s adjutant and agriculture minister for his first term since November 2021, when PSD joined the ruling government along with PNL and UDMR.

Chesnoiu is the chairman of the Commission on Agriculture and Forestry, Food Industry and Specific Services of the Legislative Chamber. He is a graduate of the police academy, a former director of the Rural Investment and Finance Agency (AFIR), and a former deputy mayor of Caracal.

In 2017, the Dragnea administration appointed him head of the Local Investment and Finance Agency, where he served as Secretary, but his research did not justify such a position. Chesnoiu led the agency until May 2020, after which he was the executive branch of the city of Caracal, the deputy mayor of the region, and the deputy mayor. PSD Minister Adrian Chesnoy accused of abuse of power, DNA demands waiver of exemption – Romanian Journal

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