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PSD students win top spot in science and mathematics contests

Students from the Philippine School Doha (PSD) at all grade levels have recently won the National Convention of the Philippine International Mathematical Sciences Olympics (PIMSO).
Held in the Edgar V Bondock (EVB) Gymnasium and selected classrooms, the competition was coordinated by math and science teachers in each grade.
In the science category, 38% of the eight students from the primary category received gold and silver awards, respectively. The remaining 25% were bronze winners.
A total of 45 students from the intermediate level participated in the same category. The percentages of Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners were 16%, 13% and 53%, respectively.
Fifteen junior high school students also participated in the science category. 33% of the total number of competitors won the Gold Award, followed by Silver (20%) and Bronze (33%).
In kindergarten, 13 students participated in the math category, 15% of which won gold medals, followed by silver (23%) and bronze (38%). The Primary category has sent a total of 15 students who have won the Gold (27%), Silver (6.7%) and Bronze (20%) awards.
Also, in the math category, only 30% of the 20 junior high school students received the bronze award, while in junior high school, 5.3% of the 19 students who participated received the gold award, silver ( 21%) and bronze followed. (5.3%) Winners.
The purpose of the contest is to promote student excellence and proficiency in the fields of mathematics and science through the global contest. In addition, PIMSO aims to “promote tourism in the Philippines to partners in other countries around the world.”
“PIMSO is another opportunity for students to expand their experience of becoming a champion,” said Melissa Montair, Vice-Principal of the Student Affairs Department, who praised the student’s “hard work.” The results of the international round held on December 11th last year have not yet been announced, Montayre said.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706806/PSD-students-win-top-spots-in-science-math-competi PSD students win top spot in science and mathematics contests

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