PTI chief Imran Khan Bats for meritorious appointment of Pakistan’s new army chief

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, September 25th: Imran Khan, former prime minister and chief of Pakistan’s Teherik-e-Insaf (PTI), on Sunday backed the meritorious appointment of Pakistan’s new army chief.

Addressing Jalsa in Karak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khan responded to Foreign Minister Bilawar Bhutto Zardari’s comment that he would like to appoint a secretary of war of his choice, although he does not want a secretary of war of his choice. said he wanted a merit-based president. The appointment of the new Secretary of War was reported by Geo News. Imran Khan escapes plane crash

“Imran Khan has proven time and time again to be an unguided missile for the country, its economic, political and social cohesion,” said Bilawal, questioning the patriotism of the defense agency and its commanders. I urged the PTI Chair to stop.

In response to Bilawal, the Khan said, base appointment,” reported Geo News.

Khan criticized the leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), saying the only reason PDM leaders were in power was to “continue their corrupt practices.”

Khan said Mariam Nawaz, vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), said she “cannot tell the truth” and again accused her of putting nepotism above national interests. reported by Geo News.

“Mariam wants to import power plant machinery from India for her son-in-law,” he said, referring to a controversy that erupted the day before over leaked audio that went viral on social media. rice field.

The audio is said to feature Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif talking to an unidentified person, asking about importing a power plant from India for Mariam’s son-in-law.

Talking about the economic growth trajectories of India and Bangladesh, Pakistan has survived on aid for the past 40 years, but India and Bangladesh have made progress, Geo News reported. “Both India and Bangladesh are ahead of Pakistan (in terms of development),” Khan said.

Khan then spoke about PML-N leader Ishaq Dar, who is due to return to Pakistan next week to become finance minister, and whose sons live abroad, so he plans to mint the currency. was reported to have held power over geonews.

“The only reason they are in power is to continue their corrupt practices. Every time these people were in power, the country’s debt increased,” he argued.

While further denouncing the leadership of PML-N, Khan said Nawaz Sharif’s sons live in a house worth billions of rupees in one of London’s most expensive neighborhoods. Geo News reported.

“Even the British prime minister cannot live in the house Hassan Nawaz lives in because it costs 10 billion rupees.” I said I couldn’t answer because I’m not a Pakistani citizen,” Khan added.

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