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To the editor:

I would like to comment on your story by Royston Jones Jr., dated May 25, 2022, with the following heading: “Glover-Rolle says the treasurer overpaid $ 4 million.”..

Internal audit is probably true. It’s sad that one or two chief financial officers have depressed the reputation of the other chief financial officers with their greed.

The “BPSU” president needs to be very lightly threaded until he knows what has happened. I’m not a PLP, but I applaud Mrs. Peer Glover Roll. She praises the ball for acting on the right and stopping civil servant rape and fraud through some officers.

As a former civil servant, this problem has occurred with many civil servants, but is unnoticed by auditors and civil servants. Upon retirement, the department’s chief financial officer must sum up all sick and missing days for civil servants throughout the year of employment.

If an officer exceeds the number of days required by law, it will be deducted. The department’s chief financial officer removes more than the officers have taken and submits it to Okura for payment to retirees. This means that the department’s chief financial officer will continue to take extra money from the executives because there is no sign-in log to check after a particular year.

Therefore, if a retired officer is entitled to $ 100,000.00 at the time of retirement, the government will pay or give a total of $ 50,000.00 over the years and the balance will be maintained. This cannot be tracked by the auditor.

Another option is a loan from a local bank, where government finance officials are now working with local bank officials to overpay loans from civilian salaries that auditors cannot track. Government agencies of the learned nature are famous for this practice that continues to this day.

So Mrs. Glover Roll will do your job as we ask the general public and then crack down on all civil servants who have businesses on the side that violates the rules of order.

Wrong is wrong Public Services “Wrong” – Eye Witness News

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