Puerto Penasco Solar Power Plant Starts Operation in April

A solar power plant in Puerto Penasco is expected to come online in April, state officials announced Thursday as foreign diplomats visited the nearly completed plant.

Representatives from 80 countries and 25 international organizations traveled to Sonora to participate in a visit led by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrado (right), along with Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo (left), led dignitaries around the solar plant in Sonora. (Photo: Quartoscuro)

“Mexico was not taken into account, so it’s a really big effort. [the shift to renewable energy] It will be very fast,” Ebrard told the diplomat.

He said rising global energy prices caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine have prompted Mexico and the United States to invest heavily to accelerate the region’s transition to renewable energy. .

The Puerto Penasco Power Plant was built by Mexico’s state-owned electricity company with a US$1.6 billion investment. When completed, it will be Latin America’s largest solar power plant with his 100,000 megawatt capacity, enough to power half a million homes.

one of them Main advantage It will supply power to Baja California, which is currently not connected to the national grid.

The project’s first 129 megawatts are expected to be operational by April 29, Juan Antonio Fernandez, director of strategic planning for the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), announced Thursday.

“Today’s message is that Sonora will become Latin America’s leading solar energy producer,” Ebrard said. “The second message is that in the coming months we will become a major generator of new e-mobility technologies in the country.”

Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo, who attended the visit, said that the Puerto Penasco factory Sonora Clean Energy PlanThe plan also seeks to mine Sonora’s massive lithium reserves for use in electric vehicle batteries, making the state a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing.

Ebrard said the plan is a “new development model” that will usher in a transformation of Mexico’s energy model.

Governor Alfonso Durazo, Sonora, Mexico
Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo told visitors about plans for the Puerto Penasco plant to form part of the Sonora Clean Energy Plan and mine Sonora’s lithium reserves.(Alfonso Durazo/Twitter) )

President Lopez Obrador has pledged to generate at least 35% of the energy used in Mexico from sustainable sources by 2023. he also promised It plans to double the country’s renewable energy capacity by 2030 and invest $48 billion.

But AMLO has also invested in grants to Pemex, Mexico’s national oil company, and in the construction of new refineries, calling into question his trust in environmental protection.

in a report from Associated Press and Elle Economista Puerto Penasco Solar Power Plant Starts Operation in April

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